Hello Everyone!

What's up everyone!! 

Welcome to my new home for my thoughts and my revelations as I embark on this new journey. I'll post as much as I can to definitely keep you all updated as you all travel with me. It's been already a rough ride letting go of my life in NOVA in barely 2 1/2 weeks, but when God calls, He REALLY calls right?...werd. 

Well, it's been officially my first week of classes @ DTS. All I can really say is that I've been blasted, broken, shattered and rebuilt all within these few days. One thing I definitely forgot to bring was an economy size box of fricken kleenex's. First day, Our team leaders kidnapped us for 2 days by the volcano's to take us on The Exodus. At 6:00AM we were instructed to bring clothes, bible, sleeping bag and NOTHING more. And wow, within those few days of tasteless oatmeal & ramen, bad breath & smelly company, our team bonded with a love only God can give. We got to know our team leaders, the heart of this new revolutionary school and each other through a time of sharing all 34 students' testimonies. Powerful is the only way i can describe our time of sharing seeing the movement of God in all these peoples lives. From divorces, drug addictions, multiple suicide attempts, child abuse to worldly success, riches & fame -  we truly learned that God will reach everyone on this walk of life. After these two days, the leaders fooled us to believe we would have another night of tasteless food & discomfort, but they blessed us with a phenomenal Love Feast back at the base as they washed our feet and prophecied over our lives through prayer and intercession.  

       We've only had two days of class due to our Exodus, but the Fire & Fragrance (F&F) school has been mind blowing. It's just really been a fresh breath of air seeing and hearing about the power of God beyond the way we American's have minimized the power of God to a mere religion. Knowing and seeing the word of God being acted out as a living power over peoples broken lives through Intercessory Prayer & Worship has been a desperate drink of water in a desert place for me. No longer is God seen as a simple 4-step path to salvation booklet & a simple dumbed down "sinners prayer", but it's a supernatural, death to life, powerful moment of clarity from the Word of God Himself.   I know it's only been a week, but the heart of the teachers and this new school is evident: To bring the living power of Intercessory Prayer & Worship and marry it to the global missions movement happening all around us. The heart of the school is to plant 24-7 prayer houses of power to the most dead places on this earth... and in my heart that includes America. Hahah I can totally see people think I'm gonna be a CCC  (controversial charismatic christian), but let's be real, I'm one of the most conservative cats out here. But I realized to ignore the spirit and the power of dwelling in His presence in worship & prayer is not christianity ... it's just doctrine and religion. God will never be a stupid, humanly minimized self help book, you can go to Barnes & Noble for that. God's word is a living, moving, active power that's the ONLY book in living history where the Author is in the room with you whenever you crack open His Work. 

      Besides the school, I miss everyone and can't wait to share more about the power of the Word being put into Action. I love you all and will keep posting to share more about what God is doing regardless of how unmoving we may think He is while back at The States. I say this because I know how it feels to serve ministries relentlessly, struggle over the same sins only concentrating on "being good", be burnt out, tread through life and believe thats "Just how life is". Life is full of struggles - thats the norm, but I highly doubt the Apostle Paul spread the Gospel with nothing more than mere doctrine & religion to help him walk  this life. He did it with relentless zeal from the living & moving power of the holy spirit, because the Gospel deserves and IS nothing less. 

Well - Just rented a moped to cruise the island of Kona and run some errands. I'll post pictures soon :)

Jesus is Alive & Active yall.  Don't let the world take that away from us....

Love you all more than you know, 

- Jasen