We are survivors, and we don't know it....

Sup Everyone

I really wanted to update on my trip here, but after an epiphany of the state of America, I have no choice but to address this issue.



In 1807, William Wilberforce won over British Parliament to abolish Slavery after 25 years of persevering for righteousness. With his pursuit for morality in the word of God, Wilberforce went against all forces of society. All forces even included the “Christians” who proclaimed the African slaves were too chaotic to sustain life - which would eventually lead to killing themselves. But due to His pursuit of God’s heart on this earth, not only did this cruel empire fall, but it changed a nation and others alike.

As we look back on the history of our world, it is so easy, and almost common sense to just say to label the past as ignorant or ridiculous and go on about how the mistakes of our past are so loud and clear. Just reading the Old Testament alone and reading upon the Ammonites and their child sacrifice rituals, our reaction is of disgust and a quickened mind to deem ourselves more intelligent then the people of the past. Yet today, we live and breath in a society today where unspeakable and morally corrupt practices still saturate the very land we live in. 

If you were born after 1973, YOU are a survivor of the




Also known as


  • 1973 Abortion was legalized in the United States

  • 49,551,703 Children have been killed in America since then. That is 25% of the generation born after 1973

  • To give you perspective :

    • 48,379,392 = The population of South Korea as of June 2008

    • 6 Million Jews were murdered in the WWII Holocaust

  • By the time you finish reading this sentence, a baby has been murdered. Every 2 seconds a baby is aborted.

  • 98% of the recorded reasons surveyed is due to Unwanted or INCONVENIENCE

  • 78%....marked themselves as Christian families

  • 80% of children diagnosed with down syndrome are aborted before given a chance to live.

That’s enough…you get my point.

Since when was life on earth determined by our inconvenience and handicaps? Since when did Hitler’s mentality of ethnocentric genocide sneak into a norm into society? (In this case the ethnocentric standard would be “normal” children) Since when did Christians become murderers? Is Jesus wrong or did the American Church and the societies relativistic “everyone has a choice you do your own thing, I do mine” mentality seep into the truth of the Gospel and the way we do church.

My Point on abortion is only a steppingstone to the fact of how we’ve lost the bible in our society & churches, as well as the fighters for solid truth and righteousness. In this post-modern era of relativism, and political correctness, we are more worried about the “freedom” of peoples lives, when in the word of God it states there’s no such thing. Romans 6:16-22 states we are either slaves to sin, or slaves to righteousness, yet here we are fighting for a freedom that puts us into a slavery of sin. True freedom does not exist, and the statistics of our useless fight for “rights and freedom” are evident in the facts stated above in just a single issue. There are plenty more concerning the depravity of man that are just as worse. These are not made up, its reality and there is nothing but death and corruption that will result when we stray from the Gospel of love.


It is so easy to take my words and deem them as arrogant or self-righteous, but it is completely out of love and a heart to make us aware. I believe there is a higher power than is stronger than the relativistic “wikiworld” that we will in today. There is a definite truth and path that God has set for us because He loves us so much. A love and power that is stronger than human decisions where God adores the prostitutes, homosexuals and tax collectors and pursues our hearts actively to worship what we were made to.


I am almost certain my unbelieving friends will read this, but this is and will never be about religion. Easily you can blame how religion has destroyed society, but I would almost 110% agree with you. You’re right, religion did destroy society, but Jesus didn’t.

Why? Because Religion is man’s attempts and efforts to reach God, Jesus and the Gospel, is the victory of how God reached Man. Not one religious war on this earth has killed more people than godlessness and anarchy. The 49 Million from abortion alone is a result of relativistic morality that has gone under the radar of so many people in America. But that we can discuss some other time.

Today and tomorrow, our government will debate and decide on the passing of the Federal “Freedom of Choice” act that will allow FULL BIRTH abortions and even provide abortions for 11 year olds without parents consent. Doctors who execute abortions will be forced to provide service to anyone who walks in, including Catholic/Christian hospitals alike.

Please pray for the nation, for we are walking and breathing in one of the darkest hours of our time. Let us pray and fight for the abolishment of abortion just as William Wilberforce did for slavery. One day I pray we can look back and deem abortion as a cruel and unintelligent act just as we did with slavery.

Love yall more than ya know

- Jasen