Nothing Is New Under The Sun .... Nor Impossible

It’s been 2 weeks since we landed in the great North Eastern neck of our beautiful United States. It was reminiscent to smell the all to familiar east coast breeze once again. From day one, the Lord has graced favor over this team as we have been connecting with spiritual fathers and mothers that have been sowing into the spirit through prayer.  The divine timing of God and His purposes has never seemed so tangible. The only way I can describe our initial week is that God has given us an opportunity to reap into a land we have now sown.

While the height of liberal humanism attempts to take rise, God is mobilizing His Bride toward a realigning in the spirit. A new generation of ruthless believers in Jesus is taking their stand as we have witnessed a literal army of prayer warriors rising up. All too common in the media, we have seen a depiction of extremist Christians being portrayed as hateful & judgmental believers fear mongering the lost into the Kingdom. Alternately, the “Christians” in America themselves have reflected hypocrisy that has been fueled by the religiosity we’ve made out of Jesus’ desire of intimacy with His children. But Praise be to our Sovereign God! Absolutely nothing is new or a surprise under the Sun in our God’s eyes, and He’s making moves above and beyond the publics eye. In the streets of reality, there is an extremist generation of LOVERS that are standing for PURITY, RIGHTEOUSNESS, and JUSTICE, and not being politically correct about it. True love will invade the lies of the enemy that have blinded God’s children through the world’s counterfeits. As the campus of Yale University is proceeding with “business as usual”, on the street corners, young urban evangelists are hitting the streets, spreading the gospel of Love from our creator, physically healing the sick, broken hearted and feeding the poor.

Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve led 4 people to the Lord, healed 8+ people, and have consistently been ministering to people’s hearts on a daily basis. Since our first day of ministry, our goal has been to be a catalyst to revival through prayer & evangelism. We’ve had the honor of meeting young couples and pockets of God’s children that have devoted their lives to bringing true societal revival to this University. Before we came, there was not one contact they had to the Yale Community. All that could be pursued was silent prayer meetings around & through the campus. The moment we came, we were graced to witness history in the making as God created divine appointments with Yale students. We became part of God’s move of bridging the prayer warriors & revivalists with the student body, and it’s been unbelievable ever since. Already we’ve gone onto the campus multiple times and ministered to the remnant believers who are holding strong to their faith in this liberal & secular environment. It’s awesome to see an acceleration of God’s move as the spiritual fathers & mothers are being bridged to a hungry generation of Yale students that will change the world. Yale students have even heard the voice of God on their own to pray for revival, and now God is bridging the chasms to make Revival a Reality.  Just yesterday, we went straight onto the campus and started to worship on the greens.  The spirit of God inhabited around us as people started to gather as we prophesied, prayed, and shared the Gospel over them. We made even more contacts to Yale students that are hungry for His presence as God started to keep moving.  Then later that night, we were invited to a prayer meeting, and students were being baptized in the spirit and being delivered on the Yale Campus study rooms (LOL).

We believe that God is no longer looking for mere visitations, or small moves, but is preparing to inhabit the Earth. To most, there is no grid to even understand what it would holistically look like to see God move and inhabit a society fully (including myself). But one thing we do know is that the Jew’s are coming to Christ in Israel, Muslims are coming to Christ through dreams of Jesus, the Chinese are mobilizing to die for the Gospel by the hundreds of thousands for the Islam nations, the world is being lit on fire with houses of prayer of 24/7 worship, nations are turning to Christ, and people’s hearts are no longer settling for a ministry of religion but for a ministry of Jesus Himself. To some, these statements may seem like nothing more than subjective claims, but from living on a world missions base, I’ve been blessed to be placed in a highway of testimonies of God’s move on the Earth.

On Sunday, we will be moving up north to Boston for five weeks. There we will minister to Harvard, MIT, and Berklee School of Music. We will be staffing with the Boston Justice House of Prayer and ministering through conferences & running 24 Hour worship sessions. On October 9th to 10th, on the last day of the feast of Tabernacles, our Fire & Fragrance department will have teams on all 7 continents of the world and worship for 24 Hours based on Israeli time. We felt in our hearts that God desired us to see the nations aflame with His love by declaring to the spiritual realms the Glory of His name through praise. So from 6PM to 6PM in Jerusalem, we will be enthroning our God for 24 hours on the Earth because in Psalm 22:3 it declares that God inhabits the praises of His people. Our experience on the Yale Campus worshipping today was proof of that, as worship brought the spirit of God over us.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying over us. We truly know that it isn’t because of mere favor that we are being used, but because of the war you all are battling for us in the spiritual realms. Thank you for all those who have decided to walk with me financially, whether small or large, you are all contributing to the work of God’s hands. I hope you all are blessed to hear that Yale’s Christian community has gained fathers & mothers in the spirit, and have literally been woken up from the slumber of liberalism. Please pray that God continues to breath life, power, and authority over these students who were created to be Daniels in this world.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray our spiritual walks with the Lord. We are asking for depth beyond our own imagination to see Him reign in our spirits. Lovesick Martyrdom is the foundations we desire to walk on and nothing less. As we start to walk in a lifestyle of fasting & prayer, we are asking for the grace of consistent revelation.

  • Please pray for Unity for the team – the Lord has given us a great team and we desire to remain strong in love. Living with 8 people 24/7 is not a natural task .

  • Please pray for Boston’s Universities. We desire to see God’s grace for us to walk in the authority of God’s love. The more north we travel, the harder & more liberal it becomes. So please pray for protection & wisdom

  • Please pray for my parents of course, as they are still getting used to me being a missionary. My heart is that they have greater revelation of Jesus that it leads to them loving Him more than me.

As always, I love you all and am praying for the revelation of Jesus’ heart everyone. I pray that the testimonies encourage you to search Jesus beyond the four walls of our churches, and to not to settle for just relationship, but intimacy with the living God. Please, if you have any prayer requests, please take the time to shoot me a reply. I would love to walk with you in specific prayer.

Love yall more than ya know,


Here are some video's about our school and our Feast of Tabernacle initiative!