The Call: Fast and Pray for Maine

In a couple hours my team and I will be heading to Maine to answer The Call to pray & fast for the attempt to redefine family in America. This agenda of relative truth against our country is once again attempting to come against God's original mandate to take dominion & multiply  - also known as FAMILY. I have homosexual friends, and they know that I have nothing but love for them, and they can't deny my love for them - so for those that don't know me well enough, please do not assume I'm an extremist Christian that doesn't herald the blood & LOVE of Jesus as my foundation. We as Christians must point to God in all things to show that there is absolute truth so that His children may find their true identity in the one true Love of our creator - and no longer in their sexuality, choices, and fading trinkets.

America must wake up that the Power of choice and "free will" does NOT weight more than the consequences of our choices.

Below is a letter from Lou Ingle - a letter that is grounded in the grace, love, prayer and love sickness for Jesus unto death.


21 Day Fast for the State of Maine

Upholding through Divine Assistance

During 2007, thousands of believers fasted for a 40-day period and prayed that God would restrain the spiritual powers that are behind the homosexual agenda and the drive to redefine marriage in California. Three days before the vote on Proposition 8, 30,000 people gathered together for a solemn assembly to invoke heaven's assistance in the great heavenly battle, as well as to pray for God's power to be released for the freedom and healing of thousands struggling with same-sex attraction who yearn to be transformed by Christ. Proposition 8 was upheld through the incredible mobilization of the state and we believe through divine assistance as well.

Partnering with Heaven

Recently again, I have been challenged by the Lord in a profound way to raise up a wall of intercession to hold back the encroaching ideology. Ezekiel 22:30 says, "I looked for a man who would build up a wall, and stand in the gap before me". I have started to pray out of this scripture that God would begin to raise up a stonewall of intercession. Forty years after the stonewall riots, that many point to as the beginning of the homosexual revolution in America, we are calling for a spiritual stonewall to be raised up all across the nation. I've been asking God, "How do we build this stonewall?"

Recently, I was asked by national Christian leaders and pro-family leaders in Maine to call the whole state of Maine and all of New England to fast and pray for 21 days starting tomorrow October 14 through November 4th, election day. Maine will be voting on whether or not to legalize same-sex marriage. No state has of yet voted for same-sex marriage when the people themselves have gone to the polls. States that have legalized it have done it through the tyranny of courts and lobbyist pressured legislatures.

Maine is the next battlefield. Like California, there is a great mobilization effort on both sides. Prayer could be the winning blow. Daniel fasted 21-days and shifted the influence over the very kings of Persia partnering with the angelic realm (Daniel 10:12-14).

Build a Stonewall

Therefore, we are calling for prayer and fasting across the nation for 21 days in another flashpoint stand of spiritual resistance. On October 14th (Daniel 10:12-14), let the Churches of America turn from their own personal compromise with sin and from an apathetic silence.

Let us cry out to God for the state of Maine and lift the victory of the cross over every false ideology. Then, let us cry out to God for a great awakening in Maine, New England, and the Nation without which I see no hope for America. There are no more tomorrows. For such a time as this we are to build a stonewall and stand in the gap.

Consumed by the call,

Lou Engle
President, The Call, Inc.
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