Cover us in Prayer

Hello Everyone!

I pray that everyone is taking care and being one with the Lord. Our stay in Boston has been quite the adventure as the Lord has been taking this team through a refining fire. Our goal in this school has always been about building a community centered around the presence of God. Through our trials and hardships in ministry, our ability to purposely fight against disunity for the sake of Love has always led to spiritual breakthrough within the team and on the campuses. From a history of knowing the disunity in our own home churches, I can’t express to you enough that God cares more about the unity of the body than mere ministry plans and objectives. God will destroy a ministry to get to the heart of a man. In the past 4 weeks, God has really shown us that in order to move the heavens and wage war in the spiritual realms, Unity must take place.

I was honored to see this kind of Unity as we went to the state of Maine this past weekend. Lou Engle, an anointed intercessor and spiritual father, called for 21 days of fasting and prayer for the attack against the definition of Family in America. Seeing the church unite in humility to be on bended knee and pray against these false ideologies permeating the airways was amazing. Even after this weekend, everyday there have been multiple prayer meetings as people have given their lives to pray, fast and enthrone the Lord in worship for Maine. In recent past, the enemy has tried to attack our countries GOD given definition of Family in America in California. The “Prop 8” bill was on the fringes of being passed, but Lou called fasting and prayer, gathered tens of thousands in stadiums to pray, and as you know, the bill never passed. California is one of the liberal states in America, but the spiritual battle was won in prayer – but the war still continues. The call to fast and pray in Maine is not nearly as long, but the heart of our prayers are just as fierce. They say that whatever happens in Maine, affects the whole nation, so please pray with us as we pound on the doors of heaven through intercession for God to blow a hole through the veil over the state.

With about 10 more days in Boston, it’s honestly been quite difficult to get onto the campuses as easily we did with Yale. At some moments, it was discouraging, but we knew that God was sovereign in all things. As we continued to unite closer and closer as a team, this week God did an amazing work. We decided to be bold, say “who cares” to the fear of getting kicked off the campus, and walked boldly onto the steps of Harvard’s largest library, and began to worship and pray for people walking along. As we worshipped God, we began to run into divine appointments and see healing happen on the campus. One girl had crutches and after being prayed for she threw her crutches into the trashcan. Another dear sister had prayed that very morning for desperate help on bended knee for God to intervene and speak. We pray over her, she got healed, started praying in tongues and encountered the presence of God. Such were the encounters we had with God’s children, which ultimately led to an invitation to a bible study onto the campus the very next day.

Last night, we attended the bible study, and met the future influencers of nations & industries. The bible was amazing as God began to use us as a mouthpiece of truth. So many questions were being raised among these brilliant minds, and we countered them with scripture to lead to biblical truth about God’s intimacy. Afterwards we prayed for students and God started to speak through us with strong prophetic words over them. I prayed royalty, honor and deep cultural & spiritual inheritance over a dear brother from Nigeria, and later He said that his father actually was the heir to a Kingship before they fled the nation with missionaries. Spiritual healing and deliverance began to happen over these students as God began to move on deep wounds from the past. With this one meeting, we’ve been invited to two other ones and look forward to what God has in plan for this campus!

Tonight, we’ll be heading to Salem. Massachusetts to attend an annual Witch gathering called Haunted Happenings. (Yes… that’s right, I said Witch Gathering hahah). There we will be ministering to the demonically involved, Satanists & practitioners of witchcraft. The history of Salem Massachusetts is deep rooted as the city was built on top of an Indian burial ground. As you know, the manifestations of such spirits led to the Salem Witch Hunt’s in the late 1600’s. We will be heading there to the largest Satanic Church that was recently converted into a house of prayer for Jesus. The history of the church is amazing as one year, a dear friend was led minister at this gathering. God led him to pray on the steps of the church and declared “Bankruptcy!” & “House of Prayer!”. Months later, the satanic church lost all funds that led to several other seeded churches to be bankrupt. That church then turned into a house of prayer as God declared it to be. Not only did the satanic seed churches get destroyed, their underground child pornography ring was exposed right along with it. In that very house of prayer, we will be worshipping and enthroning God over this gathering. Then we’ll hit the streets, post camp, worship and introduce them to the one and only Spirit that brings life – Holy Spirit. Please cover us in deep prayer for spiritual protection and awareness of our identity. For the word says “Greater is He that is in me, that He that is in the world” (1 John 4:4) – Hallelujah.

I ask that you please walk with us in prayer as we are a little half way done with our outreach:

  • Please pray for deeper unity. We are a stronger family than ever before, and we only look forward to deeper unity within this team to gain stronger authority in the spiritual realms.

  • Please pray for spiritual and physical protection, as we will be seen as enemies at Haunted Happenings. Please pray that God speaks louder than we can hear as we will be led by His spirit to bring truth. For we know that God’s light shines brightest in the darkest of places.

  • Please pray for salvations , healings, and deliverance.

  • Please join our brothers and sisters in Maine as they are warring in prayer to up hold God’s original mandate of family.

  • Last but not least, please pray for my parents health and spiritual endurance.

Thank you all for being here for me and walking with me in the spirit.

Love yall more than ya know,

- Jasen