You always shine brightest in the darkest places....

This past weekend, we made a trip to Salem, Massachusetts on one of the busiest and most eventful weekends of its regional culture. What once was a historical sight for its roots in our earliest American history, Salem has now become a Mecca for one of the most modern forms of neo-paganism known as Wicca. Unbeknownst to many, this religion has recently begun to rise with its attractive counterfeits to the works of our beloved Holy Spirit. As we entered into the city on Thursday night, our first stop was appropriately at the House of Pray that replaced the once satanic church on North Street. What once was painted fully black with upside down crosses on the windows is now a statement of God’s prophetic destiny over this city. The building now stands as a beaming white building of hope and a central House of Prayer for the city. We started our visit there by worshipping and interceding on behalf of Salem to war against the spiritual battle that was to take place on Halloween. To many, Halloween is a childish and festive gathering in America, in Salem it’s a celebration of the demonically oppressed witches & Wiccan priests/priestesses. Behind the profitable festivities for the city, the very foundations of it all are Anti-Christ spirits luring the spiritually hungry toward the worship of created things rather than the creator.  From spiritual readings, healings, spells, and curses, the world of witchcraft permeates 60-70% of the businesses surrounding the festivities. It’s not surprise that literally 90% of their profits are hit on the month of October.

As always the heart & strategy of our ministry has been to marry the prayer & missions movement as a lifestyle. So with intercession & worship, we flamed the fragrance of heaven into the spiritual realms over Salem starting at 7PM. With a single-minded purpose of taking back the heart of the city, we were literally lit up with a heart for this region as we worshipped God for 4 hours. Our team’s set ended at 11PM, and fired up as we were, we decided to go out onto the streets to join the festivities going on behind right behind the church. We took our signs that read “Free Spiritual Healings & Readings” and headed for the streets. As we took a turn into the city……. The streets were dead empty… you could hear a pin drop. I actually think we saw tumble weed roll through as we realized the party ended quite early that night (blah!). So we decided to look for anybody on the street and still press on to pour out - that’s when we met our dear friend Jimmy. A run away from home, Jimmy let us give him a “Spiritual Reading”. So we all prayed in the name of Jesus and the Lord started to speak things out through us. God started to highlight to me how he’s been taken advantage of his innocence in the past, and Apryl explained his current life was heading toward a road of destruction & death. They were strong words, risky to speak them out, but we spoke them out in faith. That’s when he proclaimed he was a Satanist, a worshipper of the Leviathan, and from that point we began to pour truth and love into his life. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Jimmy opened up and gave his life testimony filled with heinous sins, from hatred, rape, murder, abortions, and being molested when he was a child. He said he was schizophrenic and said he always saw dead bodies & maggots on people. He hated the church and religion because of his relationship with his mother. As God always does, He started to highlight the root of Jimmy’s heart and went straight to the gateway that the enemy had always used to get in. By the end of the night, he renounced his ties with Satan, renounced his seven demonic names/identities, and on his own repented of all his sins and identified himself as a child of the living God. He gave his life to the Lord and encountered the living God. He said the maggots & dead bodies disappeared as we declared healing in Jesus name over his schizophrenia. The next morning, someone saw him in the park, saying he was “joyously dancing by himself”.

The night hours rolled into Halloween day with praise, worship, & intercession throughout the night as we continued to release the fragrance of God over the city. God’s work over Jimmy’s life was a prequel to what He would show us next. On Halloween day, 100,000 people filled the four-block strip of Haunted Happenings. In the daytime, the spiritual atmosphere was thick, and we could literally feel the demonic oppression of this area. The stores were filled with “Séances”, “Palms readings”, and “Spells & Curses” being marketed along with witchcraft & Wiccan paraphernalia. Some of the palm readers we could instantly tell were just fakes and had no spiritual revelations, Demonic nor Divine. An Internet based University of Witchcraft’s headquarters with 200,000 “students” worldwide was being developed. People were “innocently” partying and celebrating Halloween, unbeknownst to them the culture and demonic spiritual depth of what it all meant at its root. The demonic and anti-Christ implications of a harmless holiday to some, is the epitome of death, curses, human sacrifices and demonic gain to many others. The reputation of the satanic church (that is now a beautiful House of Prayer for God) was said to have human sacrifices; testimonies from those who once attended that church but later encountered God. As we cruised through the street, the afternoon was a bit uneventful, until we ran into another “Christian” group that shocked us completely. With huge signs of biblical verses, loudspeakers and a heart of condemnation, a church traveled into town to so called “preach the gospel”. In hatred and condemnation, a group of rotating pastors gave the message of love with the wrong heart. The pastors got exactly what they asked for – kids starting cussing them out, mocked them, screamed, with homosexuals kissing in front of them to taunt them. Jesus says in John 15:18 –

18"If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. 19If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.”

The hate & mockery this one particular Christian group received was NOT justified by this verse. How do we know? Because our group went to the resistant teenagers and apologized on behalf of these “Christians” and in an instant, these teenagers were disarmed by the love we had for them. God was teaching us a lesson how powerful heart motives were, that no matter how true God’s word may be, if not relayed in the revelation of God’s love, it is powerless. Our team was offended ourselves as we sat and listened to their display of “God’s Love”. One of our dear sisters began to weep as she felt the pain this church was causing upon these teenagers, more than the life we were supposed to give.

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After the whole debacle, we felt the only thing we could do was to go back into the church and worship & pray to regain our strength. As we worshipped, our dear friend ran back into the church and said “It’s Game Time!”. While we were worshipping, a group of witches marched through the center of the parade, praying in demonic tongues and cursing the street. To what may have seemed like a “cute and fun festive show” was actually a spectacle of demonic rituals happening right before our eyes. We grouped everyone up, and ran out with our signs to give people spiritual readings & healings to fight against the atmosphere. The moment we stood on the opposite sides of the street, God Himself showed up. Everyone who came for a “fun spiritual reading” left being prayed for with a soul shaking experience. God gave us the grace to speak exact words of knowledge & destiny over them. Almost everyone who got prayed for was preached the gospel of love and power and left with a unique seriousness on their face. For me, it was awesome for God to bring Muslims and Jews to me to pray over, since He knew my heart for them ever since my outreach to Israel. Women left crying as they encountered the love of God, knowing that Jesus was always beside them. Teenagers left knowing their destinies and identities as children of the living God. Across the street, healings were breaking out. Over 40 healings took place as God was healing backs, legs, knees, and neck pains. In our time there, 10 salvations & recommitments took place for the Kingdom of God. All in all, God showed up mightily in one of the darkest celebrations of our nation.

As we departed from Salem that evening, the overwhelming feeling of amazement filled our hearts. God made a spectacle of His presence, and people were healed, delivered and saved into the Kingdom. Nothing is as refreshing to know that when we chase after not merely a relationship, but intimacy with the Lord, God’s power manifests itself within us. There is no human strategy, or program that can ever surpass the revelation of intimacy. Nothing satisfies God more than His children chasing after the prayer of Oneness Jesus prayed in John 17. From that place of realizing who we are, we can bring heaven to earth just as Jesus demonstrated. The power of faith, love, and intimacy is all for the taking. And how God displayed His glory in Salem is a testament that it doesn’t matter where you are. All it takes is faith – no if, ands, or buts about it.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving Boston and moving to Maine to intercede and evangelize at Colby College – one of the most liberal Christian hating schools in America. Please pray for grace to fall upon our hearts, so that God’s power will be displayed even more. Thank you as always for walking with me in prayer and reading my blogs – I pray that our Salem experience gives nothing but Hope to your own hometowns. God is everywhere, and He answers to faith and faith alone.

Love yall more than ya know



As you know, we went to Maine and participated in praying for Maine to have a revelation of God’s righteousness regarding Gay Marriages. This was the first time in America, that the definition of family was determined by citizen ballots – all other attempts at different states were based on legislation or court orders. With a 53% voting YES to REJECT the bill, by the power of PRAYER, Maine has retained the original definition of family. The YES party was the underdog, as all of America watched Maine. The NO party spent twice as much funds, and there were more supporters at face value. But at the ballots, the power of Prayer was displayed as Maine answered to reject this bill. Just how the “Prop 8” bill was rejected in California, the power of the Church praying in Unity was displayed in Maine.

God calls, we answer in prayer, and the principalities are pushed back by the power of intercession. Once again God reveals that everything in this life is spiritual - even the wars for God's righteousness.

May you continue to pray that the homosexual community encounters the Love of God, because His love is no less for them, than for you. We are a generation that cannot afford to not love them the way they deserve to be loved – relentlessly and unconditionally.