3:00AM is the best AM...

So last night, a couple of us decided to wake up at 3:00AM and pray in our spiritual tongues and then go back to sleep to see if God would speak to us in dreams & visions. Yes.... that's right - Dreams & Visions (it's biblical because if its in my bible it's in yours too). Regardless, I wake up with my room mate, walk into the 24-7 prayer house and run into 12 people having a straight up party in the prayer room who all decided to do the same thing. It was B-A-N-A-N-A-S! 

That afternoon we met up and shared...

Almost everyone had either a dream encountering God, or a straight up Angelic Visitation....and all of us grew up in conservative religious backgrounds that never experience this craziness. One of our buddies decided to go to the beach to watch the sunset after the prayer meeting. He encountered an angel, conversed, and asked for it's name - his name was Hananiah. He's never heard the word in his life. He came back to the dorms and out curiosity looked it up on google . Instantly hundreds of entries came up for the word and it ended up being an ancient hebrew word that stood for - "Here I am" - the same words Abraham used when God called him to follow him. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Just a friendly suggestion - I think everyone needs to do this. 

There's no party like a holy ghost party :)

LOL Who said God is dead? 

God desires to speak to all of us, yes, even you. 

....... 3:00AM tonight again  and again, and again, and again....... Bye now  :)