JasEn's Integrity...


           Recently I’ve been struggling to not be too bitter about the revelations of God that were in some way “hidden” from the way I was raised. I think my previous posts portray a very obvious fight against the institution of religion, and the way we’ve turned God’s loving relationship for us ( A passionate Love with a Jealousy demanding as the grave) into a passive non-tangible religion. But more over, I think it’s fair to say that my experiences here are almost polar opposites of how I viewed church and God back at Home. To give you a background, I come from a Christian home with my father being an elder of the Protestant Presbyterian faith for past 20 years. I have a western education with two degrees, and am a very logic based & systematic individual. Like most of my close peers, I’ve been born and raised in the church with the reformed theology of believing in God & doing good with Sunday Church servitude & attendance as a stamp of my authenticity as a Christian. Most of my friends come to me for advice and have been noted to have leadership flowing in my blood. Long story short – I’m a pretty darn SANE individual. 

The reason I go so far to state the essence of who I am… is because I sometimes question whether or not my friends will bring judgment upon my character out of fear of what they don’t know… the rate of what I am experiencing biblically, it will either change peoples lives… or reduce my credibility as a “sane” individual….. ( hahahah and to my friends, just because I’m weird does not mean I’m insane ) ANYWAYS…..

It’s come to my attention that when we talk about the supernatural power of God that extends beyond our realm of what we’ve encountered, we will either question the messenger, or question the experience. Rarely will we question our own paradigm of the power of God, therefore destroying any type of intellectual integrity of self, moreover our integrity of faith in God. Even if the Word of God (Bible), and my experiences of the supernatural directly correlate, listeners will alter reality to their own experiences/definition of power (or lack thereof ) & ultimately bring the power of the Gospel DOWN to their level of experience. The standard in which we live and experience life should always be brought UP to the standard of the Gospel, and not the other way around. Any time we downgrade the theology, power, & experience of the Gospel to our own small personal lives, we instantly become heretical and commit idolatry . In essence we position ourselves to play God ourselves by dictating the strength & limitation of God’s power, to self-supplement a lacking area in our lives from a simple human emotion we all know as…… fear.  Not only do we limit our heart for the Lord, we limit revelations of His eternal being with it.

At a quick glance, it is easy to believe I am contending for signs & wonders alone, but in reality it’s quite the opposite. I am contending that people yearn for a solid theology – but a theology that revolves around the life of Jesus and not some “Theologians” commentary. Jesus is perfect theology, and anything beyond that is a distraction to limit the power of God.

For all my friends, I pray that the integrity of who I am will pour over into the experiences and stories of God’s power that I hope to share. I pray that my character and love I’ve shown to you all gives credit to my encounters, instead of the opposite effect. Let’s not limit God to our own lives & experiences in America, let us contend for all of God according to what the Word says.


Love yall more than ya know,






If you ever find an expiration date on God’s supernatural power on your bible, you let me know. The last I checked, the blind are seeing and the deaf are hearing. The Glory sauce is tasting real fresh :)