Fire and Fragrance - Phase II

Hello Everyone!

Yes I am still alive, and no this blog isn’t dead! I feel like every time I write a blog post, I’m apologizing due to the delays in contact. I guess one prayer request is for me to keep finding time the skill and time to write and post as much as possible! Regardless, this blog is alive and well and will continue to pump out testimonies of God.

First off I just want to praise God and thank everyone that I got to see recently. My short two-week visit back to Virginia was such a blessing, as I spent my time meeting with everyone I could, and sharing the work God did first hand. It’s so powerful to see God moving upon the hearts of my friends and family by just heralding the work God is currently doing. But what was even greater, was encouraging you all that God is just as powerful in our own homes and cities. Just by looking into peoples eyes, I saw hearts open up and faith rise as the heart of God was being imparted to my close companions. To those I unfortunately didn’t get to see, I have you all in my prayers and hope to see you all in my next visit home.

After 48 hours of delays (United Airlines …grrrrrr) I’ve finally arrived in Kona, Hawaii and hit the ground running with classes. With the strategy that God has birthed in our hearts, our school is running full force to hit the nations with God’s presence. As I write, biblical history is unfolding as the entire Earth has never witnessed such a catastrophic number of prayer warriors & salvations rising up for God. Just to give you an idea, 1/3 of all salvations accounted for since the resurrection of Jesus can be attributed to the last 15 years. All over the world, the call to prayer has been spreading like wildfire as God has been putting a hunger into people’s hearts for the presence of God. No longer are people depending on programs and million dollar budget strategies from the human mind, but simply going back to the basics of our faith in longing and praying for the manifest presence of our God. With this movement, our school is preparing to take it to the nations as we are infusing this heart of prayer & worship with the biggest missions organization in the world – Youth With A Mission. Already, nations have asked for our school to branch out to teach, lead and birth the heart of Fire & Fragrance (which is):

Authentic community centered around the presence of God leading to Revival and Reformation”

With this as our standard of living, we will be training to pioneer and sustain 24/7 houses of prayer & worship, and bring the world back to the Heart of God that begins and ends in His presence. Our school’s heart is to break religiosity, and reform it back to intimate relationship with the living God to fight the very injustices we witness in this world. We will be training to herald the power of Truth, and hit the streets to introduce Truth not as a mental concept, but as a living Person – Jesus. The very testimonies from the first phase of the school were living proof that the presence of God changes lives, not programs and human strategies. In the second phase, we are running to make changing the World seem almost accidental because we are so enamored with friendship with the living God. When God’s presence dwells, it doesn’t know how to not change everything it touches.

The locations were announced yesterday at our first day of class and I ask that you all can please keep me in prayer for God to speak on where to go:

o Afghanistan – A Team will be sent to the north eastern region of Afghanistan to bring the power of God to the Muslim faith. There we will be partnering with ministries to teach and pursue the presence of God as the true strategy of change. We will be partnering with the YWAM base and Succat Hallel (From Jerusalem) to build a new base and prayer house.  Their goal is to get a bible in every home in northern Afghanistan. Outreach Length – 3 Months minimum

o China - Above North Korea we will be joining with a prayer house as well as working with the city of Dali. In essence we will be running a mini Fire & Fragrance course, teaching local Chinese people the vision of our school and feeding their ministries life. In Chyeong Ching – they have prepared 60 staff with a vision to plant 10 or more bases to have sustainable 24/7 worship in a missional mindset.  Outreach Length – 10 weeks

o Japan - There we will be facing strongholds and freeing captives in Japan. Breaking curses that have been put upon this land is a priority. We will be going to Tokyo working to pioneer houses of prayer at the YWAM base, ministering in universities, and across all generations. The goal will be to establish a sustainable 24/7 house of prayer ministry to change the nation.  Outreach length – Indefinite – Long Term

o Asia Back to Jerusalem  - From Japan, to Korea, China, Singapore and ultimately Jerusalem – A small team will be teaching on the vision of Fire & Fragrance, Israel, and bringing awareness to the “Back to Jerusalem” movement. We will be bringing awareness by setting up the bridge to bringing people from Asia back to Jerusalem with us. The vision of Fire & Fragrance, worship, intercession and the presence of God will be taught. This will be a pursuit centered around the presence of God with a Hebraic/Messianic foundation of biblical truth Outreach Length – Indefinite – Minimum 4-6 Months

o USA- Human Trafficking Tour – A team will be spreading the message of human trafficking across America in all spheres of society.  The goal will be to raise the church to awareness to pray and the presence of God to fight injustice. There we will be hitting café’s, churches, universities and the streets to bring awareness that injustice will be fought through the presence of God. Outreach length 3 months

o USA – Ivy League Tour- There we will be releasing the heart of God for the 6 different Ivy League universities and surrounding churches. By hitting the campuses,  we will be running 24/7 prayer and worship watches on the weekends, partnering with evangelistic ministries during the week, along with youth groups and churches to stir fire on the north east with Jamie Dixon, a radical evangelist. We will be targeting the Ivy League schools to bring back the roots of Christianity that are the very foundations these universities were built on. Our goal is to bring power and reformation back to the bright minds. Outreach Length 10 weeks

o USA – Alaska - Taking a team from Washington to Alaska to Canada back to Washington State – we will be stirring the fire over these areas along all the islands and Indian reservations in pursuit to fulfill the calling Alaska has in God’s eyes. Being there, 24/7 prayer & worship sessions will be launched to feed the power of the presence of God to the already existing ministries & people. Outreach Length – 3 months

With these seven locations, it is our belief that God has a heart to let the world know that His presence is the solution to all of life’s groanings. From the locations above, it is clear that the heart of the school is to spread the power of God and see how far God takes us when we focus all of our efforts, community and hearts are centered around the presence of the Living God.

I humbly ask that you would once again walk with me through this season that God has guided me to. You can walk with me in two ways:

  • Through the Power of Prayer – please walk with me through prayer as we are training and mobilizing our vision. I ask if you could dedicate either a weekly or daily time to cover my school and I in prayer. I truly believe this is the most powerful way you can support me. Please contact me at to let me know how you can walk with me.

  • Through Financial Support – By the Grace of God I was able to sell my motorcycle to pay for my tuition for this school (Go God!). All I will need for support is for the outreach portion that will average around $5000-$6000 (dependent on location). I ask that you prayerfully decide if you should walk with me financially. If you would like more information please contact me at

It is such a testimony to even think that just six months ago I was in VA in an office, but now God has pulled me out for His own plans to change the world. In the end, we’re all chasing to fulfill the hunger of life, and I pray that the testimonies and heart that I express through these blogs encourage you to encounter the living God in your own homes and cities. If we chase after His presence, He can’t help but to let us find Him, enjoy Him, and change the world around us.

Love you all more than you know,

- Jasen

Phase 2.