!!Happy 2010!!

Happy 2010!

I hope everyone’s had a great Christmas and New Years! My time at home thus far has been refreshing as God has been doing a deep work in me. As you know, my time home till the 31st of January will be to pray until the Lord gives me a clear word of direction of where to go next. Daily I’ve been praying, interceding, and reading the word to continue a lifestyle of burning for the Lord. I must admit, without my beautiful outreach family running with me, its’ been a little hard. But, it’s made me realize how important a single focused community, centered around the presence of God is. With this, I’m seeing the need for such a community in our hometown in Northern Virginia. The DNA our Fire & Fragrance School had ingrained into us was tested, tried, and approved by the success the Lord walked us through on our Ivy League outreach. Slowly, God has been giving me a heart for Northern Virginia like I’ve never had before. Through prayer, I’m starting to feel the Lord gear me to voice the need for revival and reformation in our comfortable suburban area. Being born, raised, and fully bred with the culture of the American Dream in Northern Virginia, I know God pulled me out of that track of life for more than just a “nice experience”. Northern Virginia is just as much a missions field as anywhere else, and in desperate need. All in all, I know sometime in the future, the Lord will call me back home to be part of the work He already has planned for Northern, VA. God will call many others through prayer to the same call, for God desires revival for every nation, tribe, and tongue.

It’s been a little over two weeks since I’ve been home, and through prayer, opportunities have been opened to me for my future. I ask that you please walk with me in prayer through the following options that have been open to me thus far:

  • My YWAM Fire & Fragrance family has invited me to come staff for their worship/recording department. It would be an opportunity to walk out my passion for worship through worship leading and studio recording. The department is growing fast so being a part of the initial steps to a potentially global impact has opened up for me.

  • An opportunity has opened for me to minister in Seoul, Korea with a dear Rabbi & friend of mine that led my Israel Outreach. For about two months we would run seminars, minister, and teach about the global move to take the Gospel from Asia to Back to Jerusalem.

  • Fire & Fragrance in September of 2010 will be planting a second school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. They are asking for staff & leaders to help plant this new school to broaden our avenues of equipping the saints and bringing revival & reformation to America. Once again our focus would be to marry the missions & prayer movement. Options are open to walk out my passion for worship for there as well.

  • Opportunity in January has opened for me to speak at my own home college, James Madison University. Please pray that I speak the word of the Lord to bring revival & anguish among students’ hearts, and not merely concern for what’s spoken. It’ll be a great opportunity to equip them with tangible faith that our own Ivy League outreach has experienced.

  • Last but not least, please pray for my parents. It’s been amazing to be home, but I know they are a bit nervous if I’m going to leave or not. I completely understand since I’m their only child. Please pray that we as a family can walk through this as together as the Lord has a specific place He wants me to be. I just want them to see that the Lord is more dedicated to our highest callings than we are for each other.

If you have any word from the Lord or unction about any of the opportunities, PLEASE feel free to let me know anytime! Thank you so much for all those walking with me through prayer & financially. You all have contributed to the most life changing and unforgettable year of my life yet. This was all due to your prayers and I pray that the Lord blesses you in double portions for the seeds you have sown in the spirit. If there is anyone who would like me to come and share my testimony, please contact me at anytime -I would love to share about the work God did through us.

Bless you all, and have a great New Years!

Love you all more than you know

Jasen Chung