May we not be merely concerned, but anguished for Haiti....


I bumped this post up back to the top so that we don't let our donations, or one or two prayers for Haiti substitute for continual prayer for this Nation. Please keep this nation in prayer. I've also added a video of two dear brothers of mine from the YWAM base who have been called to help Haiti out right away. They left this morning for the Dominican Republic to enter in by land. Please watch their video for info on how you can help them financially.


As you know, on January 12th, 2010, the Nation of Haiti was hit with an enormous, heart-shattering earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2. Just ten miles outside of it’s capitol, this underdeveloped nation was flattened instantly, leaving about THREE MILLION people helpless. A staggering ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND people are reported dead, with the number quickly rising with estimates as high as FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND. When the reality of such numbers are so staggering, there is no need for words to be architected to bring guilt and anguish upon the human heart. I am partnering with One Days Wages to donate to our Earths most devastating need at this time. When the spirit of death hits a nation, leaving a potential 500,000 dead, our authority as the Body of Christ is to wage war and declare life through fervent prayer for Haiti, and to give to the needy.
Please find more information by clicking the icon below, and please give not only through donations, but through the Power of Prayer. May we never forget that even battles such as these are spiritual battles, and not against flesh and blood.

DO SOMETHING NOW - it takes two minutes to donate, and only one weeks worth of Starbucks to change a life forever.

Love you all more than you know,