Prayer, Presence and JMU


I hope everyone has been having a great kick off to the New Year, and finding themselves lost in the presence of our God. It’s been a beautiful month for me as I’ve been praying, meeting friends, and ministering wherever God has led. It’s been amazing to share the power of God through our team’s testimonies, igniting others to walk in the same authority.  This past weekend, I had the honor to speak at my home college ministry at James Madison University. I went down to share a testimony of my life, ultimately testifying of our need of prayer to tap into God’s presence. The outcome of what God did was above and beyond any expectation, or ideal situation I could have ever imagined. To those that interceded for me, I can’t thank you enough of the spiritual labor you all put in.  As I preached on the need for prayer, I literally saw the fruit of your prayers manifest right before my eyes. After I spoke, God manifested His power as we burned like a furnace in prayer for two hours! (2 hours of prayer after a one hour message on a Friday Night for college students is a pretty big deal hahah ) And this was the students praying on their own! One of the spiritual mothers of the ministry stated that such a response hadn’t been seen in 4-5 years for some students. A key breakthrough that was testified for the group was the fear of man that broke off the ministry as a whole that led them to respond and pray beyond the normal framework. Individually, students received inner healing and physical healing. Deep insecurities that were strongholds were being brought to light so that God could fill them. We witnessed the Lord heal back pain, neck pain, sore joints in the fingers, and shoulders. Ultimately, through the power of prayer, we preached the gospel and signs and wonders followed. Thank you so much again for walking with me to declare to our dear family at JMU the power of His presence! I just know the Lord is going to do a mighty work on that campus, and it was such an honor to be a small part of God’s dreams for JMU.

As you know, I’ve been praying and waiting for an answer from the Lord of where to go next. Since the beginning of my stay home, I set myself a date to pray and wait till the 31st of January… and it’s right around the corner. I’ve received some prophetic dreams and words from friends, but I have not received a clear word yet. The only thing clear is that I know that I must leave, in order to come back, and build the ministry on my heart for this area. I believe the Lord wants to walk me through more training in order to be a part of bringing revival to Northern Virginia. I believe God has a crucial plan for this well churched area, beyond the four walls of the church and just good, comfortable, principles for living in suburbia. Please walk with me in prayer for this final week of waiting on the Lord. I just know God will be faithful and reveal Himself to me. If you have ANY words from the Lord, please email them to me at anytime.

Please walk with me in prayer in the following ways:

  • My YWAM Fire & Fragrance family has invited me to come staff for their worship/recording department. It would be an opportunity to walk out my passion for worship through worship leading and studio recording. The department is growing fast, so being a part of the initial steps to a potentially global impact has opened up for me. This would also be a great opportunity to focus on building a community around the house of prayer.

  • An opportunity has opened for me to minister in Seoul, Korea with a dear Rabbi & friend of mine that led my Israel Outreach. For about three months we would run a Fire & Fragrance type school, ministering and teaching about the global move to take the Gospel from Asia to Back to Jerusalem.

  • Recently with the devastation in Haiti, I’ve been feeling a possible outreach to help out our YWAM base there. The opportunity to go has opened since our school will be sending a team there in response to our Haiti bases’ need for laborers. Just throwing it out there to be prayed about since it came across my heart.

  • Lastly, please pray for physical rest and spiritual overflow for my parents. Knowing that their only child may leave again, though never voiced to me, I know is on their heart as a concern. Please pray that the Lord brings peace to them as well as they walk with me in prayer in this transition season.

Lastly, this Friday (January 29th @ 7:30) I’ll be leading worship for a Renewal Gathering at Korean Presbyterian Church of Rockville in Maryland. Please cover me in prayer. We have high expectations for God to just manifest Himself and reveal His Love and Glory to those who wait for Him.

Never hesitate to send your prayer requests, I’m only an email or text message away.

Love you all more than you know,