Operation: Touch Haiti

Hello everyone,

Just want to thank everyone that has been walking with me in prayer this past month. Whether it was everyday or even just once, you’ve contributed to my life in one of the most uncertain periods of my life. Reason being, I’ve never been in a position where I had no direction. For 26 years I had lived for a cookie cutter one-way track to success that was drawn by our notion of this “American Dream”. After my one-year commitment to Fire & Fragrance, I had no idea where the Lord could take me. But by the power of prayer and God’s greater concern for my life than myself, I believe He’s given me the next step.

After much waiting, and praying, I’m stepping out in faith and believing the Lord has called me to serve the Nation of Haiti for this next season. Unless the Lord stops me, I’ll be there within 3 weeks. The duration of my stay will be at least one month, but could extend longer. The fine details of my departure will be worked out in the coming weeks and you all will be the first to be updated. In Haiti I will be primarily answering a call for the need of worship leaders & intercessors. My heart began to cry out and say “YES” when my dear friend asked me to partner with him to release the songs & prayers of Heaven over the Nation of Haiti. Just the thought of leading heart broken Haitians into the Presence of God made me weep. The vision of Fire & Fragrance will be walked out as we are battling spiritually through the power of prayer and worship; Missionaries battling with the Songs of the Lord just as David made the evil spirit's flee over King Saul. (My friend coined the phrase: Musicianaries hahah) Sending money and humanitarian aid will meet needs of their flesh, but our God's Love covers beyond the flesh but also their hearts & spirits. Food & Shelter will fade, but the love of God will remain forever. Other administrative and logistical needs will be met as well at the YWAM Haiti base that has been given a 6000-8000 capacity by the government for the refugees.

After my primary focus in Haiti, the future plan is to join the Worship/Recording Department at the largest YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii. There I will help lead worship for the YWAM campus, assist the 24/7 House of Prayer, help with studio recording, train in discipleship, and ultimately prepare myself to plant a community in the heart of Northern, Virginia. I believe the vision and needs the Lord has given me is a calling to bring revival into our own backyard. Though the goals are far off and vague, I know the Lord will fill in the blanks to unfold the destiny of our city. Only our faith and time will give us the perception to see His glorious plans.

Please walk with me in pray in the following ways:

  • Spiritual strengthening and arming before I leave for Haiti.

  • For God to teach me a lifestyle of praying and fasting

  • Most importantly, for my parents’ well being and spiritual health.

This will be the beginning of a new journey in 2010, and I hope you all can walk with me again.

I will update you all as the process progresses!

Love you all more than you know,

Jasen Chung