Intercession Update from Port Au Prince

Because of a lack of time, I've just posted my intercession distribution update to the blog. If you all would like to be added to this distro please comment on this blog and I'll add you!



Blessings Everyone, 

It's been a wild ride since my last intercession update. But long story short, please pray for the following things for our team. 

1. Pastor Chavannes Jeune - As some may know from my last blog, I was asking for prayer for my opportunity to speak with presidential candidate Chavannes Jeunes. After 4 1/2 hours of sitting in a political Q&A in creole (which I don't understand, I met him, gave him my vision letter and he asked for my contact information to stay in touch. He invited me to a 500 person & 1500 person pastors meeting - I don't know if his intention is to spread the vision or to build up votes, but if it's a platform for me to preach the mobilization of prayer for Jesus to be enthroned rather than be a president - then let it be, Lord. Please pray that the Lord speaks clearly to him and to myself of what the Lord wants. We don't need him for this mobilization to happen, but i can't ignore his influence in the church community. 1500 pastors is.... a lot. We desire this to be a deep & wide yet EFFECTIVE gathering of the saints as we lift up a concert of prayer to reclaim this nation for Jesus. We'll see if he emails me soon. 

2. Pastors Meeting -  I am currently in port-au-prince about to prepare for my vision casting meeting tomorrow to what used to be 7-10 pastors, that turned to 50-70, which is now 200 pastors (apparently). The numbers don't matter but the vision casting does. Pastors from the outskirts of the nation are coming to hear the vision, traveling 5-6 hours - so please pray for the Lord to once again anoint my mouth with fire and to brand the hearts for the pastors to pray with us. Please pray that the Lord sends the influential generals. 

3. Location - We officially handed our request to use the Soccer Stadium by the presidential palace for the 27th of November. There are historical risks of riots during elections, but we don't find it to be a season of submitting to threats, much like Nehemiah when rebuilding the walls of the temple. He didn't back down regardless of all the threats, lies and discouragements - even from his own community. We won't back down either. In this time in history where we need to be bold the most, we cannot submit to the fear and oppressive spirits that have circled around presidential elections. We will respond in the opposite spirit of Joy and Excitement to bring Heaven down over this nation as they vote for there next president. FYI, we're asking for the stadium to be used for FREE - please pray that the church rises up against historical emotions of fear, and that the Lord speaks to us clearly if He even wants to stadium. Once again numbers don't matter, but in prayer I heard the Lord tell me "the Glory of God will fill the streets of Port Au Prince". Wherever it may be held, pray that the Lord prepares it even now with His presence.  

4. Team - Our team is growing but still being purged of anything that shouldn't be there as we embark on our journey toward port au prince. Please pray for greater unity, signs and wonders, and a steady flow of love, community and radical ministry. We will be doing ministry just for 5 days, making and distributing bread to tent cities. Then we will head back to St.Marc to live in the tent cities and run a mini-dts. Please pray that Lord anoints every bit of our friendships and conversations. FIRE!!!!!

5. Missions Organizations & Orphanages - We still desire to involve missions orgs & orphanages to stand behind the haitian people as they pray. Please pray that the Lord breaths on them during this key moment of unified prayer. 

6. Myself - Please pray for my mental, physical & spiritual peace. I'm barely getting sleep due to the work load, and need the rest. Please pray the Lord gives me the grace daily. Delegation is not as easy when you're really the only person that can do certain tasks. Regardless, I'm thankful for my leadership team and team mates - they're amazing! 

As I was praying last Sunday, the Lord gave me the name for the event - Thank you for praying with me. As I was reading Ezra & Nehemiah, the parallel between what they did and what we are doing with Haiti is crazy. The 200 hour prayer mobilization is now officially - La grande assemblée: 200 années de prière pour 200 ans de Réclamation - 

It stands for: The Great Assembly - 200 Hours of Prayer for 200 Years of Reclamation

Thank you everyone for walking with me in prayer. 

Love you all more than you know,