Suddenly, Everything's Different...

Since my last blog post, napping & camping around gate 42 @ LAX, we've been in the nation officially for one week. The second we stepped off the plane, the heat and the smell of burning trash and fried food switched my gears to high-rev. It was quite the awakening for my half-drunk body from sleep to the thick reality of my return. To say the least, it’s good to be back in Haiti.

In my first week, it’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. From holding the hands of prison in-mates behind bars in prayer, entering a hospitals emergency ward and walking two people to the Lord, to embracing the children who will be the future of Haiti – the Lord has been making our purpose to declare God’s love more tangible. Even with such a large family, the Lord has been giving us a grace to strive for love and unity. It’s obvious that the Lord is preparing us to warfare against the goliaths over this nation. Everyday is one more step closer toward God’s desire to use us to posture the Haitian Bride. And the closer we get, the more we see God purging anything in the way in our hearts so that the unified cry we desire to see in Haiti, will begin with our own family first. Our first week of serving the St.Marc base has been a training ground for our family as we have been embracing the furnace of authentic community. From the internal battles, to the battles we have been fighting spiritually, we see God’s hand on our team as He has been awakening our lives to the cold veracity of Haiti’s current condition. 

This past weekend, I traveled with my co-leader Daniel Stedman to Port Au Prince. It marked the beginning of our journey to mobilize the church to pray. The moment we entered Port Au Prince I felt from the Lord that I was to speak to Peterson, the Port Au Prince base leader, to run with us. One moment, Daniel and I were in his living room, sharing the vision of this solemn assembly to him. In less than an hour, we were cruising the streets of Port Au Prince, prayerfully scouting out possible locations that the Lord highlighted in us. From 5000 seat churches to the Stade Sylvis Cator soccer stadium located by the Presidential Palace, God’s spirit was leading us on this faith journey. As I was praying last night, I felt the Lord declare “My Glory will fill the streets of Port Au Prince, My Glory will fill the Heart of Haiti”. I couldn’t help but envision the streets of Port Au Prince echoing the sound of 20,000 burning ones declaring that Jesus is the Only Solution. I saw orphans filling the soccer field as the surrounding Bride of Christ in the seats released repentance on behalf of the Nation who orphaned them. I saw missions organization washing the feet of the Haitian Church in the spiritual realms for all who believe their organization was the solution. I saw healing of brokenness and forgiveness being released on the Church for division and competition. The night ended with us realizing that anything was possible, and no matter how big or small this will get, God is moving before us.

The next morning, we decided to stop by a youth filled church of thousands. But for some reason service was cancelled, redirecting us to go to another church that was demolished by the earthquake. With a congregation of about 100, they we were now humbly worshipping under a blue tarp with sheet metal siding and wood frames. The moment we sat down, the pastor asked me to share and asked Peterson to share the Sunday message. I’ve never been put so on the spot in my life, yet God’s spirit in me conquered the waterfall of fear that fell on me as I got up to speak. Within minutes I had an encouraging word as it led to my first declaration of the 200 Hour Solemn Assembly to God’s Haitian Bride. From young to old, all eyes were locked on me with eyes of fire & passion, hallelujahs and applauds. For the first time, the Lord’s vision was fleshed out among the Haitians. After Peterson’s message, we left in a rush to catch my ride back as we hopped on to the back of the truck. While coming down the village street, a crowd flagged us down as if they needed a ride. There was commotion in Creole as I soon saw behind the crowd a dying young man sandwiched between two men on a moped as they attempted to rush him to the hospital. We picked him up unto the truck and quickly rushed down the highway of Port Au Prince. One second we were preaching God’s vision, the next we had a dying kid, no older than 17 who attempted to commit suicide in broad day light by consuming bleach. With no response, eyes rolling to the back of his head, and bleach spewing out of his mouth, we warfared in prayer and commanded life & healing. I found it heartbreaking as we were speeding through the heart of Port Au Prince – life moved on around us as time stood still for the few warfaring for this young man’s life. We reached the hospital, carried him to the emergency room and was dropped off to go back to St.Marc.

Suddenly, everything was different ….. I was confused, broken, and crying as this pendulum of reality relentlessly swung all over the scale of my emotions. Then the Lord spoke loud and clear –

“This is what you’re fighting for Jasen, the young generation is dying, so keep fighting to lay the foundations of my Nation of Haiti”.

It was a rude awakening as God led us to witness what the enemy was doing to His children.

This mobilization of the Haitian Church is for the future generation of Haiti – and God is making it loud and clear that enough is enough. God is moving on behalf of His children, and no Spirit of Death can stand in the way of His Church calling heaven down. On October 11th, 2010, I will be traveling to Port Au Prince again to meet 10 influential pastors of the Port Au Prince area. They have the ability the mobilize the church instantly. Pray that God anoints my heart and lips to declare the vision of God effectively. We desire God to go deep and wide, and to call out all the burning ones of Haiti.

Only a few men demonically stood in the gap for a nation to receive freedom from slavery, but received greater bondage in voodoo for 200 years. How much more can thousands of God’s Church bring who stand in the gap for Haiti in the Spirit of God?

God – Show us your Glory.



Love you all more than you know,