Hello. Stop. Let's Kill the Hype

I’ve finally arrived back in St.Marc. Being in Port-Au-Prince for six days has felt like weeks. It’s a completely different atmosphere in the big city. All I can say is that I’ve never felt so much confusion & distraction hit me for the sole purpose to steal, kill, and destroy my purpose in Haiti. To some, those very words may seem harsh and over dramatic. But anything to discourage or divert my purpose to see this land dedicated to Jesus in this critical hour is mirrored by those very words. God deserves nothing less than His bride enthroning Jesus through the power of intercession & worship, before enthroning human flesh into positional power. 

As you all know, in one week I met the presidential candidate Chavannes Jeunes, met a pastors network of 120 people, and met another influential pastor to cast this vision. As I traveled to spoke to these different individuals, the Lord humbled me, reminded me again and again: All you need to do is cast the vision, I’ll be the one that calls. Now with that said, whether influential people join this vision or not, has nothing to do with the weight of what the Lord is calling my team and the ones who respond to do in the spiritual realms. What matters is, what God is going to release in this hour for this nation. I posted months ago that whether 150 pastors, or 150 congregations gather for this prayer initiative, the Lord will fulfill His purposes – that statement still stands. 

 But I have a confession to make. At times, when different people keep referring to soccer stadiums, Radio Station advertisements, and doors open to meet presidential candidates  – I’ve gotten caught in the hype. How easily the enemy desires to distract my heart from the true purpose: Jesus being enthroned. This is His prayer strategy, and not my own. This is His desire to see a united Bride, worshipping and enthroning Jesus, more than it’ll ever be my desire. Yes, I’ve gotten distracted and confused along this one week journey, along with everyone else that’s been involved. The reality of warfare, and the weight of this calling in this season is starting to become brutal and real. I’ve literally felt all the distractions of Nehemiah as he was rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. From the enemy, to even my own support network, I’ve felt distraction & confusion. I’ve felt confusion & distraction from being a leader/discipler for the first time, to even having people make me feel like my character & humility was being judged by individuals I respect. But, I won’t back down nor settle for less, no different than Nehemiah did. In this past week, all I could do was sink my feet into the footsteps of Nehemiah by praying, going to God, and pressing forward by responding and choosing love. My lesson of the week? Any time I feel hype or discouraging words – I’m gonna lay it at the feet of the Cross. Kill it. And Let God raise it up if it’s for real.  I pray that you all do the same as you all warfare for this nation in prayer.

Our stay in Port Au Prince entailed much more - from working with orphanages, baking & distributing bread with Korean missionaries, to children’s ministry in the tent cities. But because of my lack of time, I won’t be able to blog on that. I barely have time to think these days – so please pray for Godly wisdom, and for wise counsel to protect my heart in this hour. Please warfare for me, and I encourage you to email me with any words to help me run this race.

The next five days, we will be living in the tent cities to minister and love on the Port Au Prince victims that have relocated to St.Marc. Please pray that God breaks through as we teach them foundations to be firm in Christ, to run this race on their own.


Love you all more you know,