Emergency Update: Cholera Outbreak in the 5th Section

First things first . The team is COMPLETELY safe and healthy from the cholera. So please do not panic.

With that said, our plans have completely been changed to live in the tent cities, as there was a cholera outbreak due to the main river that runs through the villages in the 5th section of St.Marc. I have been suddenly turned into a ambulance driver with the rest of the team delivering food and water. The hospital is packed with people all over the floor. Honestly, it feels like the earthquake all over again, but this time I’m seeing the pain first hand. Hospitals are full, overflow clinics are full, people are sick everywhere, people are dying and all we can do is be available and pray. They do have serums to counter the outbreak, but its about being able to help everyone at this rate.  People are getting sick and dying within 48 hours of sickness, so it is not as easy. 

Please keep us in prayer as we make ourselves available to these medical relief efforts.  We are safe, but the people around us are not. It hurts to see tons of people on the streets who have no access to clean water in the villages as we drive by. It hurts even more to see dead people being dragged because of something that is so curable.

The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, and it’s more tangible and real than ever – so please warfare and pray down heaven with the authority God has given you. Now. Please.


Love you all more than we know,




*** UPDATE: Some photos

Flooding the Gates

Patients overflowing unto the floors

Patients Overflow in the buildings

Outreach Driver to Ambulance Driver