Intercession Update: Cholera Outbreak

Thank you for everyone that has been contending in the spiritual realms for this Cholera outbreak. Here is some ground level detail to what’s going on to better assist what you all are praying for.


As of now, we know that the outbreak began around this past weekend as people started to report deaths around Monday/Tuesday. The outbreak has begun in the very district (5th district) where YMAM St.Marc has ministered to and provided relief for almost 10 years. A reported, 30,000 people have moved to the St.Marc area from Port Au Prince since the earthquake. The source of the epidemic is said to be the main river that many use as a source for water. From our perspective, two main issues have been marked. First, is the earthquake itself that have caused many illnesses and diseases to be rampant. Second, is a new irrigation system that has backed up the river up north causing minimal flow in the river - this means stagnant water for 3-4 months. The two first villages that reported sudden deaths were both along the river, and many that have reported sicknesses have also used the river as a source.

Not only are these villages far from the nearest clinic and hospital in St.Marc, but you need AT LEAST a 4x4 truck to tread the landscape of the 5th district. But the problem doesn’t stop there, due to rain season, the river and canals have flooded main roads for people to get to the hospital. Our trucks were one of the first to answer the call to the sudden deaths, and the water was reported be as high as the drivers seat of our trucks. These are poor villages along the river who have reported to have been walking some victims on stretchers.

Cholera is a waterborne disease in the intestinal system that causes extreme diarrhea and vomiting, leading to a deadly level of dehydration till your organs shut down. When contracted with the disease, you have 24-48 hours to live. Because of the terrain of the 5th district, the flooding, and the malnutrition of the Haitians – it is a recipe for rapid death. The hospitals are still flooded, and more deaths were reported last night, not only in the hospitals but all along the villages for those who couldn’t receive help. We must really contend for peace in this chaotic situation. In a land where distraction & confusion are two critical tactics of the enemy, we must content for clarity over the hospitals and all relief efforts. Yesterday, a man died in the back of one of our trucks because he was rejected by St. Nicolas hospital due to an apparent overflow. I took an ambulance to transport rejected patients to Pierre Payen, but when we got there, they continued to take patients. Such confusion, causes death and time wasted – Please pray against this.

There is good news as well. Nurses are coming in along with tens of thousands of bottles of water. Our base YWAM Base has become a holding ground, distribution center and refuge for nurses to help this epidemic. NGO's are tapping in with other ministries calling in to donate their purification systems to the area. Please continue to pray that this process has clarity as well. 

As I’ve said before, the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. No longer is that a  power-word to amp someone up for intercession, but it is a tangible reality. Three weeks ago, I blogged about the student we transported in Port-Au-Prince to the nearest hospital who attempted to commit suicide. I can still see the whites in his youthful eyes rolling back into his head, with bleach still drooling out of his mouth. I only told one person this, but In that instant on the back of that truck, I felt the enemy tell me:

“I may not be able to touch you Jasen, but I’ll kill off everyone else”

I brushed it off thinking it was in my own head, but eerily it has become a small reality. Instantly I knew it was a threat to put fear into me against the 200 Hour prayer initiative, let alone it happened minutes after I spoke about the 200 Hour burn to my first church. But the Lord also spoke clearly sayin "The young generation is dying, this is why you're here, so keep running". Regardless, from this team running the 200 Hour prayer initiative, to the fact that the Cholera Epidemic is happening before our eyes, to the voice I heard  - it’s too hard to mark it off as a coincidence. Please pray for our own protection and continue to rain down heaven over this situation. We as a team have never wanted to badly to be like Jesus, to walk down the streets and heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse the lepers. Pray for that authority and opportunity for us as well.


We are SAFE, we Love you all, and we know you all are standing behind us.


Love you all more than you know,