Moving Forward ...


We’ve officially moved on to the Heart of Haiti, Port Au Prince. After 5 more days of assisting YWAM’s tremendous hand in assisting the Cholera Breakout, we felt it was our time to move forward. As I reflect back on our last week, I can’t really verbalize the rollercoaster of emotions and paradigm shifts I’ve encountered this past week. Everything from life, to death, and everything in between – it’s all different. I can’t help but reminisce that just yesterday I was trading cash at Capital One. And now by the grace of God, I’ve found myself in the eye of the storm of a cholera outbreak in Haiti.

 Last Saturday night we were blazing through the streets of St. Marc, franticly transporting a feeble grandfather to St. Nicolas hospital. We picked him up from Gerve’ after a water distribution mission that went south. While handing out water, Pandora’s box opened as people were arguing, fighting, with even one man who got hit in the head with a machete’. By God’s grace we were never attacked, and left safely as we picked up this old sick man. With that crazy encounter behind us, we left with the light of the full moon and the whirlwind of dust hitting our faces. All we could do was lay hands and pray for life upon this skinny & frail old man. At one point he wearily grabbed my ankles with his two hands, pulled himself sideways and threw up on my feet. Sure, it was a bit shocking & gross - but the reality of this horrific disease left no space for selfishness. Death was knocking on His door, so I continued to comfort him, by keeping him warm and laying hands in prayer in Jesus name. I began to tear unnoticed, realizing that Jesus really is the only solution.

 No matter how much water we give, and no matter how much medical relief we provide, it will never give the true life that Haiti needs. By tomorrow, the village of Gerve’ will need water again. In due time, it’s not too far fetched that another natural disaster will sweep across this nation (mind you, Hurricane Tomás is currently en route ). And no matter how many NGO’s pour in finances, it will only feed the beast of the Poverty Spirit that will forever leave the Nation on crutches & training wheels.

 So as the 200 Hour prayer initiative moves forward, what the Lord has led us to witness only confirms His heart to be enthroned upon Haiti. Historically, there has never been a move of God that has never begun in unified prayer. With that said, may we embrace the power of intercession to truly build the building blocks for this nation.

Please keep us in prayer in the following ways:

  • Clarity – Due to the Cholera Outbreak, much of the nation has been on watch to see if it spreads. The biggest fear is it hitting the tent cities in Port Au Prince which is not an impossibility due to their unsanitary conditions. One expert mentioned they were surprised that Cholera had not hit first in Port Au Prince. Because of this outbreak causing fear upon the general public, the presidential election is on the fringes of being postponed – but not yet. Please pray that I receive clarity to better help me plan for this 200 Hour Prayer initiative. If the elections are postponed, the prayer initiative will be moved as well. I have heard clearly from the Lord that it should lead INTO the Election Day. Regardless, as of now we will be pressing hard to plan for the 20th to the 28th.
  • Hurricane Tomás – unbeknownst to many, there is a category 2 or 3 hurricane headed toward our island. Even if it’s a category 1 Hurricane, it will be devastating to the nation of Haiti. Not only are there about 1 million in feeble tents, but the flooding will cause an increase in the probability of Cholera spreading. The flooding will cause polluted waters to run into water sources causing a greater health hazard. Please pray for the storms to cease. If Jesus, the one who lives inside of us can calm the storms, may we use our trust in our Lord’s nature to pray the same.
  • Spiritual Protection & Authority – With this month being “The Month of the Dead”, Voodoo priests will be celebrating and exalting demonic spirits over this nation. Please pray that we may walk in the opposite spirit with complete authority to bring Life upon this nation. Pray in Jesus name that the Lord reaps His harvest for salvations, healings, & miracles to manifest like never before. Tomorrow we will be going to a cemetery to pray and exalt the name of Jesus where Voodoo rituals & sacrifices run by witchdoctors & family members of the dead will be run.  Please pray for divine protection and authority to release the Kingdom of Heaven. Please pray that God opens the door for favor for us to enter in.
  • Health – Please pray for my respiratory infection to go away. Amen J


Love you all more than you know,