God, Lead me to the Generals ....

As I was in Kona, Hawaii, I began to cry out in vulnerability, knowing I was just one Korean-American-Newbie Missionary with a vision. That fact alone reminds me daily that this is the Lord’s vision and not my own. Coming into the nation, I knew zero pastors. Yet we’ve come to Haiti to mobilize the Nation. “God, lead us to the Generals” I prayed “because without You, this is meaningless & impossible”. 

One month ago, my mentor and dear friend (Mathew I miss you!) prophesied that I should prepare a letter to hand to a presidential candidate. I laughed it off, boxed it up, and parked the prophetic word in the back of my mind. As I mentioned in my last post, just last weekend I had gone to Port Au Prince to start this journey to mobilize the church. As I shared the vision to Peterson (P.A.P. Base director), I had asked to meet the influential pastors in the city. He instantly said “Chavannes Jean”. He is an influential pastor who ran for president in 2006 and reached 4th in the race. Just the week before, he announced his candidacy again for 2010. Instantly I thought of my dear friends prophetic word, but let’s be real, talk is cheap, so I put it on the back burner.

From word of mouth, I knew that Pastor Chavannes Jean had a relationship with YWAM’s national director from the previous 2006 campaign. Peterson urged me to ask our national director, but something in me just couldn’t do it. It didn’t feel right at all just yet. I even paced back and forth, to and fro, toward his office and then away, juggling if I should ask him to connect me. But I chickened out, asked his wife instead if I should even bother asking. All she said was “they haven’t been in touch for over 2 years, so I don’t know”… so naturally, I put it on the back burner… again. Just today, our national directors wife walks up to me and says “There’s been some changes since our last talk”. I of course thought it was a team issue, perhaps a drastic change in schedule, or maybe one of my students were acting up causing trouble. But it was none of the above.

What was the “change”?  Pastor Chavannes Jean has asked to hold a meeting this coming Monday on the YWAM base with 40 influential people of St.Marc. It seems the Lord has divinely placed us to run into his campaign efforts. God didn’t want me to ask the national director, because I didn’t need to. God has literally brought one of the most influential pastors of Haiti, to us. God is leading the generals to us to remind us that He’s preparing the way, and all we need is to be obedient. As I quickly called Peterson about the change, he knew exactly what the Lord was doing. Peterson apparently had some “changes” for me as well. No longer will we be meeting 7-10 pastors, but through word of mouth it has changed to 50-70 pastors to share the vision in Port Au Prince.

As I write this …  I’m stunned, nervous, anxious, yet comforted knowing that the prayers of you all are making this happen for this Nation. Please cover these two meetings in prayer that the Lord may anoint my mouth and His spirit to use me as a mouthpiece. Please pray that Pastor Chavannes Jeans path to the YWAM Base is protected and clear for him to arrive to hear this vision. Please pray that the Lord surrounds us with the activity of Heaven to mobilize these pastors to unite and pray for the future of Haiti on October 13th , 2010.

Love you all more than you know,