The Countdown

9 days, 2 Hours, and 39 minutes on the clock before the 200 Hour Burn begins. With each minute that passes by, the more I look back on all that God has done. $20,000 raised in two weeks to get here; God using us to save lives in the center of the Cholera Epidemic; Speaking with presidential candidates; God leading us to the generals of this nation to pray (200+ churches & growing); Radio Station opportunities; The website going up and reaching the world. And for the cherry on top of the cake, I just got news that my mentor and dear friend who’s a Messianic Rabbi will be coming to Haiti to join me.  As Haiti lifts up a fragrance of praise for Jesus to redeem this land, a Jewish Rabbi who loves the Lord will be in the land to bless it and worship together. Only God Himself can compose such a concerto of encouragements to show Himself faithful to this vision.

But though the joy of God’s faithfulness rests upon us, the harmonious tensions of life remind us that that battle is far from over. Looking back, I can see that the army of Heaven has been behind every step. Yet looking forward, God is setting us up to fight a battle that will only let our faiths stretch once again. As the 200 Hour Burn draws near, it is only through intercession that the clarity of the Lord will be upon this vision. Asking 200+ churches to be on the same page, is not an easy task for us – but to Holy Spirit, it’s easy.

As the 200 Hour Burn is being prayed over to reach the nations, we as a team ask that you walk with us in prayer. The battle we fight is not of flesh and blood, but of the spirit – so may we warfare on bended knee with the authority of prayer the Lord has given us. Daniel 10 reflects that the moment a righteous man prays, the Lord listens instantly and releases His army:

12Then he said to me, "Fear not, Daniel, for from the first day that you set your heart to understand and humbled yourself before your God, your words have been heard, and I have come because of your words.

Our God is a God that is quick to listen to the prayers of His children. He is not far, but always near. So for those who have been walking with us, be encouraged that your prayers are being heard with confidence.

Please warfare for us in the following ways:

  • God’s Breath - Please pray for God to breath on this 200 Hour Burn across Haiti, The Caribbean Islands and The World. Our one desire is to move God’s Heart ,by having Heaven see the global Body of Christ contend for this beautiful nation.
  • Divine Clarity - Please pray that the 200+ churches to have divine clarity in understanding our vision to reclaim this land by enthroning Jesus over the 200 years of their commitment to voodoo. With elections coming up, it is so easy to blend this agenda with political strife. Please pray that their only focus is Jesus and His redemptive power alone. Please pray that the clarity of this strategy from heaven is burned upon the leaders hearts.
  • Spiritual & Physical protection. Personally it has been hard for me to shake off this brutal cough that has even prevented me from leading worship. My worship is my warfare, and it is the one thing I do not want to be hindered from during the burn. Please pray for 200% restoration for my body. Please also pray for spiritual protection, especially from confusion and deception that is easily tied to the witchcraft in this land.
  • Unity – Please that our team continues to be anchored in love & unity as we enter into the battle to contend for this nation. Only through unity is authority released to bring down the strongholds of any battle.
  • Cholera Epidemic-  No mater what the media has been NOT saying, the cholera epidemic is NOT OVER. There has been a reported 640+ deaths with about 9000+ cases, and the numbers are only growing. Especially after Hurricane Tomås, our biggest fear of Cholera hitting Port Au Prince has become true. In the last weekend, 73 cases have been already reported with 1 death. Please continue to labor in prayer against this Spirit of Death. DO NOT depend on the ebbs & flows of media for what to pray for. It is a tragedy that the media coverage has died down. Not enough stress has been made, so please pray that the world CONTINUES to respond against this epidemic.
  • Salvations & Healings – Please pray that God reaps His harvest in this season as the nation and the world contends for His presence to rebuild the future of Haiti.


Love you all more than you know,