The Battle is Raging...

Note: Pardon the delay in contact. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, electricity was quite an issue for our house. As you read further you’ll completely understand.

With the 200 Hour Burn in full effect, the war has become more real than ever. To bring change to Haiti on our knees in prayer is foolishness to the world, but little does the world know that the spiritual world determines the natural world. When we deliberately posture thousands against the enemies spiritual strongholds of a nation, it’s inevitable that the enemy will manifest into the natural. This 200 Hour Burn has just turned into a natural battle. 

As we began the Burn at our YWAM Port-au-Prince base, we set up a 4-person tent less than seven feet away from our metal front gate. Hour-by-hour, staff members, and teams have been blazing away in intercession to join the churches of Haiti in prayer. One night ago, I began to pray for my set from 2AM to 3AM in the tent alone. I began to fall asleep as I was declaring truth over the nation. Luckily, our house dog (that we renamed “Dife’, which means “Fire” in Creole) was scratching & whining at the front gate to come in. Out of selfishness, I kept the dog out because Dife’ was keeping me awake by being a nuisance w/benefits. So with my new praying partner, I began to warfare violently that the Lord would break every curse of the land of Haiti. Then the unthinkable happened. The cable from the electric pole snapped and became a surging whip of destruction. I looked up from my tent and all I could see was the loose wire hitting the top of the metal gate creating sparks in the air. I quickly ran out of the nylon tent and then heard a loud pulsating sound of shockwaves and saw flames being thrown vertically 15-feet in the air just over the gate. As I went for the door, my co-leader upstairs from the balcony screamed “Jasen, DON’T!!!” and the whole house became chaotic as people were screaming “FIRE!!”.  Within seconds all 40 people were awake and in a panic. We instantly realized our bus was taking hits of electrical currents by the live wire and going up in flames.

By the grace of God, the team from Guadalupe had a fireman on their team. He ran out and quickly took the lead in putting out the fire. Five of us began to pull water from the well and dump water into buckets to run out and put the fire out. All it took was one bad gulp of air before I had to stop going out, especially after having bronchitis. The smoke was so thick when I ran out I felt like I had eaten a bar of smoke. As the rest began to take the fire out, I led the group into prayer. Within 10 minutes, the mayhem was over. The damage was done. Our $62,000 passenger bus was charred from the inside out.




Some may say it was just a coincidental accident, but everyone in the house knew the war was raging. As we gathered to pray, the enemy did his best to instill his weapon of choice: Fear. We prayed in a circle together for the sisters and then the brothers to declare God’s truth that perfect Love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). As people began to calm down from a state of panic, the individual testimonies began to culminate. The fireman was never supposed to be in the house that day, but because of a “scheduling conflict”, him and his team remained in our house. One girl had a dream at 1AM where she saw the enemy coming to destroy with fire, but out of fear didn’t tell anyone. A YWAM staff member had a dream of being attacked and woke up right when the bus was on fire. As he looked to his left, his roommate was physically fighting in his bed from a demonic dream at the same time. God was surely warning us of this attack.

As I attempted to fall back asleep, I was hit with fear while replaying the past hour of chaos. With any pride aside, I don’t find it a coincidence that the fire happened as I was praying in the tent; the initiator of the 200 Hour Burn. It would be a plan of the enemy to bring fear into any initiator of God’s plans. I then realized the sparks on the front gate if any bigger could have landed on my nylon tent and put it to flames. One of the Haitian staff members said the door was hot from being electrocuted, and warned the house not to touch it. So I realized it was by Gods grace that I didn’t get shocked when I hastily opened the metal gate initially before getting stopped to go outside. And as I take a step back, for this to happen to a praying YWAM missionary base, during a 200 Hour Burn to pray against the curses of a nation would be foolishness to call it “Chance”.

Needless to say, it is by the Grace of God that no one got hurt. Ultimately, we have been filled with more joy, and more boldness to warfare in the spirit to contend for this nation. The enemy is scared but our God is Greater and is our Mighty Fortress. It has only raised the bar of how serious our God is in redeeming this land, and it is our honor to partner with God’s heart for Haiti.

With my extended team that has arrived from the states, we have been declaring prophetic acts over Haiti during The 200 Hour Burn. We felt from the Lord to declare abundance by serving a feast for the orphans, worshipping in front of the presidential palace, and declaring a Truth Siege along with others we feel the Lord will ask us to do. Especially during election week, the palace is known to be a dangerous place. We even know of Korean missionaries that have been demanded to leave the nation by the Korean Embassy until the elections are over. Yet the Lord has given us so much favor, peace and protection as we have been going this week. After our burning bus incident, it only confirms that we will be shifting in the spiritual realms through these prophetic act of obedience.

We truly believe that the Lord is giving us a grace to ask and receive. It says in Zechariah 10:1 “Ask rain from the Lord, in the season of spring Rain”. So may we ask boldly this week for the Lord is giving grace to pray!  Tomorrow morning, we’ll be heading to the presidential palace at 4:30AM to stand and face the palace to declare biblical truth in prayer. It’s time that Haiti has had it’s first TRUTH SIEGE as it prepares to vote for it's future governmental system. Please pray that the Lord protects us and His Kingdom reigns!


Keep burning for Haiti, we’re changing the Nation!


Love you all more than you know,