The Battle is Still Raging...

Hello All,

Here are some words our extended team of 24 have been receiving in our prayer times. The Lord has been faithful in our ministry times and declarations of prophetic acts. But please continue to keep us in prayer. The battle is still raging. Just last night, our YWAM Port Au Prince base directors 10 month old baby was hit with diarrhea & vomiting. As you know with Cholera in Port Au Prince, it is just a tangible fear that we are praying against. It hasn't been diagnosed as Cholera, but please pray against ALL SICKNESS IN JESUS NAME.

It is no coincidence that THIS WEEK toward the END of this burn, that the enemy is trying to continue to attack us. First it was the Bus, now it's the baby. PLEASE COVER THE BABY (Her name is Taberra)AND THE GEORGES FAMILY IN PRAYER. THE POWER OF YOUR PRAYERS ARE REAL!

Lastly, please declare PEACE for tomorrows election. We have tent cities that have now become our friends who are scared to live right in front of the palace where riots and shootings have occurred just two days ago. Please release peace in Jesus Name. 

Prophetic Words for Haiti

  • Hosea 2:14-20 – The Lord will allure the nation of Haiti and betroth her as His own. Verse 17 declares that “I will remove the names of baal from her mouth, and they shall be remembered by name no more”. No longer will this nation be known for voodoo and a curse, but be remembered for God betrothing this nation in righteousness, justice, steadfast love and mercy. Haiti will know the Lord’s faithfulness and make His name known!
  • Psalm 22:1-5  - This is the Hope of Haiti. In the midst of poverty, rubble and hopelessness, it is the nature of God that will change this nation. God is faithful, that when Haiti cries out, Jesus will rescue, and in their trust for God, they will never be put to shame. By what Haiti see’s with their physical eyes, they will declare verse one and two. But by depending on God’s nature, Jesus will enthrone Himself on the praises of His children for He is the same, yesterday, today and forever. May Haiti see through the eyes of God, and lean on Gods nature to be faithful to His nation, for all of creation is the Lord’s!  
  • Isaiah 60 and 61. This is the anointing over the generation that is rising up in Haiti. The generation that was born after the curse. God is putting a special anointing over them. Raising up and doing a new work in them. Haiti will draw nations to her beauty. New things shall come to pass. Generational curses will be replaced with blessing. This will be a nation of warriors.
  • Ezekiel 34- God himself will seek out his people and gather the scattered sheep and rescue them. He will strengthen the weak and the strong he will destroy. He will feed them in justice. He will make with them a covenant of peace and will make them and the places around them a blessing and send down the showers of blessings in their season. He will break yokes of slavery and deliver them from the hand of those who enslaved them.
  • Isaiah 43:19: “Behold I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the dessert.” I had the picture of clouds/shadows slipping off the country of Haiti: Light taking over. Also I saw the picture of a waterfall pouring down. Water representing the Holy Spirit pouring down into this Nation.
  • Nehemiah -  Through this burn, the Lord is giving us the privilege to partner with what He is already doing in the spiritual realms. He is building a spiritual wall for this nation through the prayers of the Saints. Felt the Lord declare chapter 
  • I had a vision of angels standing on every pillar of the wall surrounding the National Palace.  They were dressed in dark blue. As they declared God’s holiness, light was streaming out of their mouths and darkness was defeated.
  • I had a picture of us worshipping as we sang “Rain Down”. As we sang, our mouths were gushing water and being the fulfillment of our very prayers.  It was representing the power of prophetic words and songs. 
  • I had a picture when we kicked off the 200 Hour Burn. It was a picture of the curve of the earth, and Haiti was at the top. Water started to pour onto the earth, landing on Haiti - but then the water quickly covered the earth with pure water. God is purifying Haiti, and it is going to soon spread to the rest of the world.
  • Restoration of Haiti as the Bride of Christ: I felt the Lord say that there will be a return to biblical manhood and biblical womanhood. A restoration of earthly marriage as a declaration that God has restored His Haitian bride. That Haiti is a land that God spoke Joy into, and He is now declaring that His Haitian bride walk in that Joy so that all nations may know that the God of Haiti, the God of Nations is a restoring and rebuilding. 
  • A Revelation of the throne room in Haiti: I felt the Lord declare that the Haitians will experience the level of worship and glory described in Revelation 4. There will be a constant sound of praise in this nation!
  • “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance” Psalms 33:12
  • God’s redemptive power hitting the seven spheres of society in Haiti - I saw a picture of a cross on the top of the mountain. Next I saw crosses on the top of  all the mountains in Haiti – the mountains of society ; a cross on the school, family, home, business etc. 
  • As we were worshiping tonight, I was full of the joy of the Lord.  I was dancing I saw the word ‘DREAM’ I felt the Lord saying he is restoring this nation, that these beautiful Haitians will have dreams for their future, that all the hopelessness is broken and he is letting his people dream again.  Especially this young generation.  Joy is being restored in this nation!!! Praise the Lord                                          
  • I came in this week just for the 200 hour Burn. The Lord had been speaking to me awhile about specific birds that I kept noticing around me. He told me they were they represented the angelic presence. Then during the ride to the Miami airport to connect to our flight to Haiti, I look out of the car window, and no kidding, there were over 400 eagles in the sky. The lord said they are representing the heavenly hosts that are getting ready for battle. They are preparing to fly over Haiti. As soon as my friend and I arrived in the Haiti airport, we saw two doves descend from the sky right in front of us. Holy Spirit was saying, “Welcome, I’m here in Haiti”
  • The Lord showed me a Samurai Sword cutting a voodoo mask. Representing the word of God cutting through any kind of voodoo power over the land.
  • The Lord showed me a picture of a Mountain of hopelessness cast into the sea. The Lord said if we have faith, to tell this mountain to be moved, and it would be moved.
  • An image of roaring lions surrounding the nation of Haiti. But the Lord has placed mighty warriors in the middle of it, fit and ready for battle to forcefully advance the kingdom of God. The Lord has planted his people in the midst of the storm to speak peace to it.
  • Isaiah 25, 35, 58, 62
  • We are like bridesmaids and like groomsmen at a wedding. We go out into the street, to anyone and everyone, and we are saying “hey come to the wedding banquet, come to the feast. Your invited, come your welcome!”
  • Mathew 25:34-40


 We will soon update the website to be able to post prophetic words and prayers that you recieved. We will keep you posted!

iPray4Haiti Team