Haiti will Never be the Same...

Blessings Everyone!

Though the 200 Hour Burn has officially finished, we are honored to have partnered with Haiti and the World in agreeing with God's Heart for this Nation. Through the hours of laboring in the Spirit, we have not only laid a greater spiritual foundation, but have gained a network of righteous ones, you all,  to continue in prayer. Every move of God has begun on the knees of patriarchs who leaned on God's plans and not Man's. Haiti will be no different as the nation today corporately votes for the most important election in their history. Already the news flashes are weary of corruption at the voting polls. But with our Lord enthroned, it only takes on swift move of the Lord to bring everything into His alignment. Even if an evil man or woman is put into place, they will ultimately be used to bring Glory to God. Proverbs 16 declares:

"...1The plans of the heart belong to man,

   but the answer of the tongue is from the LORD.....

...16The lot is cast into the lap,

   but its every decision is from the LORD...."

In due time, I know the testimonies of this Burn will be shared to encourage each other in this new connection we have with Haiti and each other. This morning, as we took communion together in Port Au Prince, all of us felt the presence of the Lord sealing the work He had done through all of us. 206 Years ago, slaves drank pigs blood to dedicate this land in the spirit of voodoo for the sake of freedom. Today, Haitians and a representation of 12 nations in one room drank the blood of Christ and ate His body to dedicate this land to Christ for a greater freedom.  

Haiti, will never be the same, so let us continue to keep Haiti in the forefront of our hearts in Prayer. 

We ask that you continue to pray for Haiti in the following ways:

Peace & Righteousness at the elections - With the high possibility of corruption at the polls, let us continue to pray that God pours out His Peace in Port-Au-Prince and Righteousness in the voting process. 

Power of our God - The enemy's strongholds are weak & powerless compared to the power of our God. Let us pray that God continues to shame the "prophets of baal" with Mt.Carmel experiences across the nation of Haiti. Let us continue to declare the nature of our God across this nation, and claim the Joy that the Lord is already releasing into this land. 

• The Lord is not finished - May we continue to pray the Lord's release of Revival upon this nation. The foundation we laid in this 200 hour Burn was a declaration of Jesus' blood purifying and preparing the way of God's Hand in this Nation. One of the strong words we received was " I CAN DO MORE!" - Let us continue to ask the Lord to release His harvest, His Signs, Wonders & Miracles and greater levels of unity among the churches for greater authority in Jesus Name!

• Restitution - The hits we took personally as a team were not small. From a $62,000 bus being burn to a crisp, to health issues to our Base Leaders infant baby, all in one week - Please continue to pray for restitution and not merely a recovery of the enemies attacks. 

• Cholera - Pray that Cholera and the spirit of death ceases in Jesus name today!

We will continue to update with website updates and videos of His Hand and what you all partnered in asap. 

May we look back at this moment in history and remember that Haiti and the World prayed,


Love you all more than you know,


iPray4Haiti Team