It is Finished ...

After our slip into the Dominican Republic, the 2010 School of Revival & Reformation has officially ended. Regardless of the political tension and riots, our team has all made it safely back home to the 11 nations we represented for Haiti. Right now, after 37 Hours of traveling, I am currently in Idaho for a wedding. I am definitely looking forward to be home in VA with my family & friends in due time. I will update as soon as I get home. Thank you to all your prayers and encouragements as we as a team were sorting out our final weeks during the political tension.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video that was shot during the 200 Hour Burn. I pray that this video brings Haiti that much closer to your heart whenever we lift up our prayers to our God. 


May we never forget Haiti and the authority of prayer the Lord has given us. Haiti changes every time we pray. 

Till next time,