My New Wings are Heavy....

It’s been bout a couple weeks since I’ve been home, and the delay of this post has been warranted by the weight upon my recently seasoned spirit. As I have been beginning to unstrap my armor of leadership, little did I know about the hits that I had taken in our season in battle. I’ve realized, the adrenaline of warfare and leadership had numbed the impacts of any pain, hardship, strongholds, and obstacles that I faced. When on the forefront of Haiti, nothing else mattered but destroying the works of the enemy and declaring God’s furious Love. When hardship came, I brushed it off. And when obstacles rushed head on, I charged even harder to tackle it. Ultimately, I had grayed out all the shouting colors of warfare, in order to see through an uncompromising lens of black & white during battle. So as I have been resting in the confines of my peaceful home, this veil has slowly been melting away. I look back and see how indescribably intense it was, but only now do I see it in it’s true colors. Being in Haiti for these last three months has made the peace at home, honestly, a bit foreign. I guess when you live in the grip of an unstable, poverty & disaster-ridden nation long enough - you begin to normalize any type of “crazy” that comes your way.

Within Haiti’s post earthquake society, spiritually & culturally tainted by the stain of voodoo, we dug our hands into the brutal realities of forgotten tent cities; befriended & immersed our lives into the hopeless & broken; stood on the frontlines of a National Cholera Epidemic; held hands with death and desperation in ways you couldn’t prepare for; beheld the pain in the eyes of beautiful daughters of God who prostitute in order to eat; was embraced by the precious orphans and abandoned, with a starving love that only the Divine could describe; witnessed a nation riot against political corruption; all this while mobilizing the 200 Hour Burn in the fire of leadership, discipleship, and spiritual warfare.

Many who read this, may be convinced that our hardship in Haiti were the physical battles and “unfortunate” situations. But in reality, they were merely obstacles & hurdles to a greater purpose we were sent for. If anything, they only elevated & solidified the spiritual implications of God’s furious Love over His children. It strengthened our desire to destroy the works of the enemy, but I confess, it came with a price. In a very abrupt way, the Lord relentlessly threw us into the tangible fire of why we were mobilizing prayer for this Nation. Never will thirst, hunger, poverty, pain, and life & death be merely conceptual artillery to mold comfortable life philosophies. They will forever be the stone cold, unignorable pillars of reality - Pillars that only God can move, and not Man.

As we ended our time in Haiti, the humanistic world would believe that we did our part to help this struggling Nation. We provided food, water, shelter and health to the needy. But I would have to disappoint. Because the truth is that the physical aid we provided, was the last thing they remembered about us. The final week, just as I walked into the tent city, a lady I had never met quickly pulled me aside and hand motioned for me to pray for her. I was surprised since usually I had always asked others. Then my translator told me “She wants prayer. I don’t know if you know this, but everybody here is saying that something happens when you pray, it’s powerful”. God’s presence had begun rumors. God’s presence had changed hearts. And God’s presence is what they truly desired and remembered.

With that said - the prayers that we prayed, the Words we declared, and our God that we proclaimed has forever changed the atmosphere of Haiti. It was His timing and His alone to mobilize intercession in the midst of all that has happened in the past three months. Though my mind, body, and spirit have battle scars, the Lord has given me new wings to fly with in this walk of life. My wings may seem heavy for now, but in due time, they’ll only make me stronger for the next time He calls me off the nest. 

Thank You for walking with us in 2010. We as a individuals and the nation of Haiti have been forever changed for the Glory of God. Every victorious battle we fought was because of the support that you had given us. Every prayer you prayed was an extra layer of armor upon our backs. And everyone of you will God bless by what you all sowed into God’s eternal Kingdom for Haiti. So may we rejoice in God’s faithfulness to use us and continue to walk in the authority of prayer.

As I continue to take off my armor and process, I’ll blog more on what the Lord has done.


Love you all more than you know