The Aftermath

Some quick photos of last nights after math right in front of our block. This is a mere shadow of what happened after last nights election results being released as the national favorite "Sweet Micky" Martelly was beat by Celestin by a small percentile (approx 7000 votes), reflecting fraud in the election process. This morning we were woken up with thick black smoke hovering over our house, marches, and kids throwing rocks at the Jude Celestin posters. As we walked the streets, groups of men were on every street side & corner with anger in their faces and a thick tension in the atmosphere. The streets were quiet, almost feeling like a ghost town except the people on the side. The aftermath of smoke from this mornings fires, and marches were still filling the sky. I asked if there was going to be anymore, and our friend told us " it hasn't even begun". The nation is outraged against any association of the INITE (translated: Unite) political party that the current president Prevál and Jude Celestin are part of. The nation has responded and their voice is obviously being heard and seen by the protests. This morning the INITE headquarters was lit on fire by demonstrators. Even now we are hearing megaphones and protests outside our house, how much more so by the National Palace where our tent city community is near. 

May I remind you, that a nation demanding a worthy president and rebelling against a corrupt political group is an answered prayer. Let us pray for as much peace in this process. God is always in control, and asking for God's presence over a nation WILL purge the works of the enemy. 

Here are some photos to show the aftermath I witnessed this afternoon: 



Please pray that God's peace and protection reigns over innocent bystanders, and over the tent city. I've been in communication with our contact "Carlo" and he says everything's ok for now. 

WE ARE COMPLETELY SAFE - so thank you for your prayers and encouragements.

We have been born for such a time as this to intercede and stand in the gap, so may we gauge our prayers based on to the promises of God, and not what we see right in front of us. 

Love you all more than you know,