Haiti: The Nation of Hope

Hello Everyone!

It’s been a little over a week since I first set my feet upon the soil of Haiti. Even though my bags decided to come a little later than me into The Dominican Republic (DR), it was a blessing to rest in between trips. My nine-hour bus ride from the DR to Haiti was an interesting one. On the way we encountered a double crash scene that occurred the previous night – two Mac tracks crashing into two buildings head on, directly parallel from each other at mutually exclusive times. One family died on impact along with both truck drivers with one driver’s body still lying in the rubble, waiting to be carried away. It was an interesting coincidence, as if it was a heads up of what I was to expect in the Nation of Haiti.

Within hours we hit the Haitian border and was on our way to Ground Zero: Port Au Prince. If it weren’t for my delayed baggage, I would have never stopped by the Capital; I guess it was God's way of making all things good to those who love him - even baggage delays. At the break of dawn, we entered the capital and the city was already wide awake with commotion, lines forming on the sidewalks for medical/food relief, UN trucks whizzing by, and Haitians working hard to rebuild their city. News of bodies still being pulled out and being burned on the streets were hitting our ears – two months after the quake, the death toll rises. To my surprise we parked right in front of The Palace that hit our media waves in the U.S. almost every night. Directly across the street, YWAM Dominican Republic has been using the police station as a medical clinic called Mision: Rescate’ (Mission Rescue). Ever since the quake, they have been transporting and bringing in medical teams to help the Port Au Prince victims. It threw me off guard how direct and loud our Gods hands were tied to the relief efforts. Even in the midst of all the chaos from the relief efforts pouring in – it was as if God made a prophetic declaration, posting a medical relief ministry at the center of Ground Zero across The Palace of Haiti. Everyday, patients from young to old, are being ministered to with Love and not just to meet needs. Volunteers are dedicated to clinic of Mision: Rescate’, sleeping on the rooftops of the city, and living on the ground to serve God’s children.    




After my short stay in Port Au Prince (PAP), I was finally picked up to head to my new home at St.Marc, Haiti. While driving for almost 4 hours in Haiti, I began to realize that the nation of Haiti had one constant: Poverty. No pockets of nice cities, nor poor neighborhoods, but a blanket of poverty covered the nation – something I had never witnessed In my life. Yet even in the midst of brokenness & destruction, God has been breaking me and renewing my heart & mind to the hope that He is calling us to partake in. All around me, I see selfless servants of the Lord pouring their lives into God’s enormous plan. With YWAM St.Marc acting as The Gate to the city of Refuge, thousands are being registered, fed, sheltered and healed. Since the earthquake, we have already built 6 tent communities, within St, Marc, the island of La Gonave and Port Au Prince. Two clinics are already being established for the city and our 5th district. Mobile clinics have been launching out to help victims with the ambulance that was recently donated. Every week crates of food, clothes, building and medical supplies are being delivered to us. Just last week alone, 115,000 meals were distributed for the earthquake victims. The capacity at which God is providing us is beyond human ability. God is not only showing us favor with man, but the favor of the Lord is upon us. Not only is God providing supplies for immediate needs, but He’s providing the manna to build a future for Haiti

Besides the natural needs being met, God is putting something greater in our hearts for the city. My Spirit jumped at this opportunity to serve when a brother asked me to answer a call for worship & intercession. I never knew how that would play out, but within the first week here, I knew my true purpose in arriving to this devastated nation. I am humbled to say that we are already in the works of building a dedicated prayer room for the campus, which is a prequel to our vision to build a House of Prayer for the city. I believe God has called me to help plant a culture of prayer & worship to enthrone our God, and to see His Love and Power be declared. The plans for a prayer room was divinely confirmed by almost everyone I mentioned this too by the hunger I saw in their hearts. My hopes is that we establish a dedicated prayer room before the 7+ Outreach teams of about 150+ students come in to serve this nation. Thankfully, one of those outreach teams will be from Fire & Fragrance to help launch this vision into a campus culture. The potential to see revival in the city through unity, intercession, & worship is unprecedented and unending.

The works of our hands will always be limited compared to the works of our God. And only through intimacy with God being our anchor can our heavenly standards of meeting needs be realized. God has a plan to not only build a future for Haiti, but also to see lives transformed from the inside out. There are other testimonies to be shared, but I’ll make more frequent blog posts to fill you in with those .

Here are just a few prayer requests:

  • Please pray that we stay grounded in God especially in the midst of the work to meet so many needs. It’s easy to get sucked into the grind of working and forget the truth that we are fighting a spiritual battle and not a physical one.
  • Please pray for financial support for me. I’m confident God will call whomever He desires, to walk with me financially to expand this Kingdom. Whether it’s through prayer or finances, I’m humbled to represent the community behind me.
  • Please pray for my parents, that they find deeper joy in releasing me to Haiti to answer God’s call on me life this season.
  • Lastly, please cover the nation of Haiti in prayer. There’s a deep truth that this nation has always needed prayer, but it took an earthquake to wake up the world. 

 I’ll try to post more shorter and sweeter blogs frequently (fingers crossed!)


Love you all more than you know,