Deep and Wide Prayer..

Yesterday our Liason with the UN & Haitian administration was expecting three large containers full of food for the earthquake relief program. Unfortunately all three of them were hijacked by robbers with an outcome of two robbers dead. Moments like these give clarity and color to the conditions of this country, and the seriousness of what we're doing. Thankfully the drivers are ok - and We personally are not in any imminent danger. But it opens our eyes to the depth and widths of our prayers. Not only should we keep the volunteers & locals in prayer, but everyone who is involved in the Relief Effort Operations from end to end. Today, 12 containers arrived safely, and let's together hope that they continue to do so. 

God - pour out your divine protection over all those who put their lives at risk for Earthquake relief - from the drivers, liasons', and volunteers. Bring Justice and righteousness according to your Word upon the government officials and the system that is in the works of being established. Bring peace to the order of this nation, and bring joy, fruit, and love to the survivors, who know better than we do, that life is but a vapor. 

In Jesus Name - Amen