“My House shall be a house of Prayer for all Nations” – Isaiah 56

Since the first time I received this life changing call, my heart & soul jumped at the opportunity to release worship & prayer into this beautiful Nation. Though I was coming to assist with their cash management, I knew God had shaken my spirit for something beyond the Natural. In the past two days, God has been aligning this campus with His heart to build a prayer room – and God is on the move. With leadership’s approval, they’ve asked me to head the prayer room initiative on this campus. Our first meeting last night to merely plan and pray turned into an hour-long worship session – logistically we got zero done. So I planned a second meeting for tonight to actually start talking and bouncing ideas. God on the other hand, had different plans. What was planned to be a logistical meeting, evolved quickly into a campus wide, two hour-long session of worship & prayer.

From this very place of corporate worship, God enthroned himself on the praises of His people and began to speak through a 12 year old girl. With boldness, this missionaries kid discerned spirits & sin on the campus, as the Fear of the Lord fell upon our hearts. What began as a planning meeting, became a throne room encounter of deep open Repentance, Freedom & Hope for this campus. God had no plans to teach us how to create a prayer room, rather He wanted to teach us how to BE a prayer room. Tonight, God laid out the blueprints for revival in Haiti, and since times past, it has ALWAYS begun in repentance – beginning within ourselves. I had always worried about what this prayer room would look like, because there is no way to teach people a culture of a prayer room. You just have to live it out. But God knew my heart, as He creatively molded a culture and standard of this prayer room by encountering us these past two nights. 

 We are part of the birth of a dedicated prayer room that has the potential to be a 24/7 Hours of Prayer for a Nation. YWAM Haiti may be heavily involved with Earthquake Relief efforts, but in the grand scheme of things, God is in the works of Discipling a Nation. And before the summer hits with almost 150 volunteers plowing through, it’s overwhelming to be a part of God’s plan to root us in the true battle we fight: The Spiritual Battle. He is reminding this campus that we are preparing for Revival, and not just Earthquake Relief. Relief may meet temporary needs, but Revival will meet the eternal need of God’s Love.

As I continue to speak to the fathers and mothers of this campus, it is an honor to know that we have been prayed unto this campus. Being an answered prayer, to the prayer warriors is overwhelming and humbling. So I want to remind you all that you are part of these answered prayers. You all, are also discipling a Nation by the prayers that you pray for Haiti. You all, are part of every work that God is doing in this nation.  And Yes, in the natural, it may be one of the poorest nations, but in the spirit, there is fertile soil to sow into. So I just want to encourage you and thank you, for being behind me through all that God has in store. 

I’ll keep you posted as God continues to unfold His plans daily. Please keep us in prayer.

Love you all more than you know