We are AYISIAN (Haitian)

Within the past couple of weeks, God has been doing amazing things in the nation of Haiti. One of the avenues God has given us access to are the television airwaves to declare God's Love. Recently, Edward Park, a dear brother that I met during my DTS, visited Haiti to help declare Jesus through the Haitian Media. You may be most familiar with his work in my most recent support video that was launched earlier this month. He, Kristian Snow, and the current Haitian DTS students worked long and hard to declare God's Love, Empowerment and Change for a future Haiti. I hope you enjoy the commercial and are encouraged by how far your prayers reach. Blessings!
Director/Producer: Kristian Snow
Videographer/Motion Graphics/Producer: Edward Park
Cast: Haiti DTS 2010
Location: Saint-Marc, Haiti
Love you all more than you know,