Unity is Everything

Ever since the inception of the Prayer Room, my heart has always been to see it be used as a Highway of Reconciliation, Identity & Authority. I’ve always felt that the power of prayer is the middle ground of all disputes in theology, differences, doctrine & denominations – Why? Because prayer involves a sole dependence in God and an answer From Him – it should leave no room for self, just as Jesus demonstrated in the Garden of Gethsemane and the culture of Prayer He demonstrated by hiding away to see the Father. Jesus’ lifestyle in the Secret Place, empowered him to say that “I only do what the father does”. Last night, my dear sister Lisa Kim had the honor to lead out a woman’s night for ministry. It was something I felt the Lord was always going to use her for, especially with her being here right when the prayer room was opening. God did what I’ve been praying for and will continue to pray for on this base – Unity in the Spirit. There’s a harmonious authority that just thrives in the presence of unity, that empowers us to rip veils and strongholds. And to hear that the mothers and daughters on this base came together to honor each other, pray for one another, and to ultimately just RECEIVE in a place where it’s so easy to GIVE so much – it was breathtaking. Some received tongues, some were reminded of their first love, and hearts’ desires of many women were confirmed as the Lord breathed fresh breath on them. There is something very powerful when woman get together and unify in the Spirit. God is continuing to use this prayer room to answer prayers to those who've wanted prayers answered. 

I believe a new Women's Ministry may be birthing on campus – and once again I’m overwhelmed that your prayers behind us and the work God is doing through us is a part of it. Please pray over Lisa as God is using her as a mouthpiece, and an usher to God's presence. (Love you LISA!! You are Amazing!)


God draw us nearer toward your love and unify us in the spirit so that we may understand what it means to be wholly yours. Unify us so that we may live a lifestyle of Love above and beyond judgment and assumption – so much that reproach will always be seen as Love.





I’m still working on trying to blog short and sweet.. so.. yea… please be patient with me  hahah  :D