Unity is Everything PART II


With last night being our first night of corporate intercession in the prayer room, let’s just say God is continuing to plow this campus with Unity. With the Fire & Fragrance DTS team helping me out, we got together and prayed about what was on God’s heart. After some soaking and prayer, God began to tie our answers with a common stream for a need of just more in God’s Presence – Ultimately? More of God’s presence grounding us in Unity unto even MORE of Him. By the end of the meeting, we knew that the Lord wanted to anchor this base in God’s Presence, and let all of our differences in background, testimonies, lectures phases and expectations to be bridged together by the simple yet grand commonality of HUNGER IN THE LORD’S PRESENCE; To Lay down our expectations of a “good outreach” and to just come hungry for His presence in the midst of Earthquake relief; to lay down the outcome of our own personal testimonies and convictions in Haiti, and lift up the Dreams of God and testimonies of this Nation of Haiti (Whether it involves us or not). With so many anointed, gifted, and powerful teams on base, the Lords been speaking to me how easy it is for any of us to fall in a mode of thinking we’re all heroes. The reality is, none of our experience nor anointings matter without laying them down at the Lord’s feet – and overmore God has called us to submit to His dreams and plans for Haiti and not our own. And with the Holy Spirit bringing up unity upon the base consistently, I believe God is no longer letting our gifts, abilities and availability to serve this nation be the common thread, but our brokenness, surrender, and hunger for the Lord.

 With the night beginning in worship & intercession, our corporate agreement in desiring more of Him led us to deepen our unity not only between each other, but most importantly the Haitian Brothers and Sisters. God began to reveal that it’s so easy for us as outsiders to serve the projects of “The Nation”, yet forget the very people of “The Nation” are living under our own roof. We ended the beautiful night by pouring blessing and encouragement upon the individual Haitian Staff & DTS Students. The future leaders of this nation are here wholly submitting themselves to the Lord, and what better way to bless the nation by blessing it’s future. It was powerful as the Lord led us to declare to them that “We are not here to lead you and move ahead of you, but we are here to walk with you, and are behind you to launch you forward into your destinies”.



What may have started as a night to bridge the teams, God was revealing to us :

“Our anchor of Unity in Brokenness, Surrender and Hunger for the Lord’s Presence will help us to see God’s Plans for the future of Haiti : Haitians rising up to lead this Nation to the Lord”

In the end, I would rather see Haitians heal the sick and raise the dead in their own homeland, than myself. Why give a fish when you can teach them how to fish?

Love you all more than you know