Jesus came for the sick, and not the healthy

Ever since the prayer room opening up, God has been opening doors for those prayers to flesh out into life. This week, a ministry has birthed before our eyes with a random trip to the brothel down the street. After our usual weekly visit to the local prison, they decided to stop by the brothel on the way back home. Let’s just say what began as a “sure, why not?” knock on the door, turned into two hours of laughing, joy, and games as they literally rejected “customers” at the door for fellowship.  That one encounter led to a spirit filled gateway for them to come on campus, all 30 of them. This past Wednesday, our YWAM bus picked up the women who live as prostitutes down the street to hang out with our ladies on base. The whole afternoon, the ladies shared laughs, played soccer, played card games, took tons of pictures, did each others hair and nails – the women were loved not for their bodies, but loved for who they were in the eyes of Christ. Apparently, the love that our YWAM sisters were showing them, short circuited the ways they’ve lived their lives for oh too long. Because as they were sitting together, one of the ladies asked:


“Do you know that people will talk about you if you hang out with us?”

“We don’t care….” replied our YWAM sisters

...Nothing but blanks stares returned …

so one of them asked again as if our YWAM Sisters had misunderstood -  “Do you know that you are evangelists and it will not look good if you are our friends?”

“….We don’t care, because Jesus came for you, and not for the others….”

And so the story of Jesus and the Samaritan women at the well came to life (John 4). God spoke loud and clear to this campus. People are hungry to know the depth of God’s Love that surpasses understanding – for God came to Love the sinners and not the righteous (Luke 5:31). For as Romans 8:38 says: “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth nor anything else in creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord”. No pain, no sexual abuse, no lifestyle of the darkest of sin … nor prostitution …. can separate us from the Love of God…. Nothing.

As the prayer room is just starting to kick off in full effect, we know that God is taking our prayers to change the climate of Haiti. God’s love is being declared, and God’s Kingdom is being revealed to His children. Up to even tonight, every night has been used for worship, prayer & intercession – best first week ever! Because of your prayers and support, students, volunteers, and the leadership are taking hold of God’s heart for us to know His presence. Your prayers over us, stir our spirits toward prayer, that lead to a greater unity to bring down Heaven into Haiti. People have come up to me to testify of how much unity has been spreading upon this campus from individuals, teams and departments. 

God we ask for more beyond measure! More revelations of Love and faith to protect us from anything against our stronger bonds between each other! And more of Your Love to see Heaven come on Earth!