Faith Like a Child


With my time here, I must confess that working in an office can be quite daunting. I count endless amounts of cash by hand and probably have gone through a king size bottle of anti-bacterial soap by myself, twice over. If you saw how dank, dirty and damp Haitian money was – you’d be surprised I haven’t used more. But there are moments on this base, where whenever I feel a call to capture the moment with my camera - it makes being behind a desk all worth it. One of the beauties and rarities of working with YWAM, is that we’re not just bringing relief, but we’re discipling a Nation. We’re out to provide homes, jobs, community, and spiritual redemption – ultimately, we want people to know the person of Love, Jesus ( as opposed to religion). YWAM would fall short of anything we believe in if we became humanistic socialists by just providing lots of useful products and architected living situations – thankfully, we are creating a gateway for the Holy Spirit.

One of those gateways, is Vacation Bible School (VBS) with the children at the tent cities. My Fire & Fragrance DTS team had the pleasure to be at a tent city for a week and teach children about the Lord, and His Love.

I’ll let the pictures say the rest.  :)

Love you all more than you know,