Catching up to Speed with God

I’m going to be straight up and honest from the start:

I don’t know what I’m doing, nor do I have a sure grip of my life

Yet this all-consuming wave of God that I’m riding is the most peace & assurance I’ve ever had.  Compared to the life I once lived with what I thought had control, through my self-directed life toward self-gain, my life has now been overtaken by a life of no control, uncertainty, and death-to-self that is bringing more fullness of life than ever before. How? The best way I to say it is in the words of Pastor John Piper:

“ We were not made to get our primary joy from thinking big thoughts about ourselves,  but we’ve been Made to find our Capstone of Joy in forgetting ourselves in the Presence of Magnificence

Have you ever stood overlooking the Grand Canyon? Or looked down from the top of Niagara Falls. If you have, then you’ve surely been enamored by the beauty and magnificence of something above and beyond our own existence. It’s those moments in life where you know for sure, that one more step toward such a nature of supremacy, can overtake your will & destiny forever. A step toward the furious nature of Niagara Falls may not be so promising, but there is actually a furious nature that will forever promise Love, Joy, Peace and fullness of life with that one step – Jesus.

That’s where I am right now, that’s how I feel – lost yet completely found, uncertain but sure, and confident in what God is doing with my life. Arriving to Haiti, never would I have thought that our prayers together, and the path God had planned for us would entail a House of Prayer (H.O.P). God is moving so fast that my mind and my heart have to catch up daily with what God is doing in the Spirit. After our 59 Hours of Burning in Prayer last weekend, God spoke so powerfully as we officially opened the Prayer Room with worship & communion. Easter 2010 will be forever remembered as the day this campus mandated a spiritual monument to their dedication to God’s presence. In a place where life will be defined by before & after January 12th 2010 (Day of the Earthquake), God was quick to ensure that His children would learn that only His Holy Spirit could heal & change a nation.

I must confess, that as I was planning the prayer room launch, I had much uncertainty & fear of how prioritized this would be from the top down. I didn’t want this to be just merely a new location to pray, but a dedicated place where God can mold us to BE walking Houses of Prayer. But God knew my heart, because not only did Terry Snow himself bless the H.O.P., but also words from the Lord confirmed this as Gods heart. The room literally froze in awe, when Freeman shared with teary eyes that he heard from the Lord before “that reinforcements were coming soon for the purpose to labor in the spirit” – he was talking about us, all of us in the room.  Unbeknownst to us, behind the scenes of this H.O.P. initiative, God was using us to be an answered prayer to those praying for an answer. There are very few moments in life where all the uncertainty of a life of Faith become crystal clear in God’s eternal plan – and I humbly confess this was one of them.

It’s just the beginning, but it’s setting the tone of what God desires to do through the Holy Spirit. Please pray for us as the Fire & Fragrance DTS and I help drive a culture of intercession & evangelism. We’re contending for God to show up so mightily that language, and the monsoon of relief efforts are no obstacle to revealing His manifest presence. We hope to see God healing the sick and raising the dead, maybe even eliminating mobile clinics and transforming them into mobile prayer clinics. God may have ordained medicine to work, but it doesn’t mean He won’t continue to heal the common cold or cancer. From plans for building youth programs to prison ministries, God is stretching the reach of YWAM Haiti – but even more importantly, the gravity of God’s presence is anchoring us deeper in His Intimate love.

Here are some pictures of whats been going on:



Love you all more than you know