God's Wind Upon my Sails


In Haiti, God has done so much through our prayers together. In the midst of Earthquake Relief, I would have never expected to witness ministries birthed and a House of Prayer planted - all within only a few months of my stay here. Through all that He’s doing, God’s heart and destiny for this Nation is evident: Revival. At the core, I feel confident that many of us have no grid to what that looks like. Some of that missing piece may have to do with our generation being the first to not have ever seen one happen. Sure we’ve seen pockets of healings on the streets, prophetic words that have redeemed dying souls, to even preaching and healing in a religions class at a secular university. But we have yet to witness revival that flips a city upside down. Whenever I think of Revival – I look forward to the day that people label us as:

“[The] men who have turned the world upside down…” (Acts 17:6) 

 In the past couple of days, my life’s variables have changed tremendously. Just yesterday morning, my dog of relatively 18 years passed away. With my mom’s only son being gone away for missions, and her beloved companion at home passing away, I knew that I had to be attentive to relationship before ministry. Outside of family, the Lord has been speaking to me about the future of this House of Prayer as well. God’s plan for this House of Prayer has always been beyond a gathering on the campus. I’ve felt that the culture and the house of prayer we’ve been driving on campus were merely shadows of what the nation needed. Much like the Israelites and the temple, the house of prayer is merely a shadow of what God wants to do in our hearts. God doesn’t want us to build physical houses of prayer but spiritual houses of prayer – Inside of us. The revelation of the temple being a shadow of what our hearts were to become, is manifesting similarly in the ideology of our bodies being walking tabernacles of David – Worship & Intercession overflowing into Kingdom Expansion. With that said, the Lord has prompted me many a times that I would soon need a team to drive this along side of what the lord is already doing in Haiti. As God is expanding the reach of YWAM Haiti, God is desiring to anchor us in deeper intimacy with Him and each other. There is no greater weapon than a unified body – for even the tower of Babel was destroyed because of their unity. But there lies a beautiful truth about unity, even in God's rebuke to the Tower of Babel:

“… nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them…” Genesis 11:6


With that said, I have decided to go back to Kona, Hawaii to build a team of fired up revivalists, intercessors, and worship leaders who want to change the atmosphere of Haiti. Fire & Fragrance has invited me back to staff their School of Revival to train and build a team to return back to this nation. Our goal will be to train others here and to see God move deeper and wider than what He’s already done before our eyes. Many have prophesied that Haiti will be a light to ALL the nations, and now is the time for us to sow into God’s plan for global revival. After three months of training from July to September, my future team will return to Haiti to further establish the newly planted house of prayer. But this time, we hope to overflow into the city of St.Marc and into the city of Port Au Prince. We desire to see the church unified and strongholds destroyed to prepare the way for God to invade His love for this city. There’s no telling how far God can take us through the power of prayer and worship. 

As of today, I will be heading home on May 29th to visit my family and friends and head off to Kona for staff training. I hope to see you all soon and cast vision for God’s heart to whomever will lend an ear.

Thank you all for all your prayers, for my next steps could have never been so clear to me without you all covering me in the spiritual realms. It is an honor to be rebuilding a nation from the inside out with you all.Our journey in Haiti together is just getting started.

More updates are to come..

Love you all more than you know


Jasen Chung