Feast of Flames

Today, all of our Fire & Fragrance teams from The East Coast of America, Hawaii, Tajikistan, Guam, China and Haiti will be Praying and Worshipping for 24 hours. The Feast of Flames originated from a Word from the Lord as we prayed into some corporate vision for our DTS outreaches this spring. We felt the Lord speaking to us about the nature of our outreaches being to kindle and rekindle everywhere we went. From the testimonies from Haiti alone, God has already been on the move for to witness that word come to pass before our eyes. 

To celebrate Shavuoth (Pentecost), we will be entering into the feast of tabernacles asking for Holy Spirit for more of His spirit. Pentecost was the day that Holy Spirit came down over 2000 years ago. And to honor Him we will worship and pray from 7:30PM today to 8PM tomorrow with the campus and three tent cities. We are contending for these three things:

  • Global revival of the Church
  • Global harvest of the lost
  • Empowerment of the Saints to walk in the fullness of God

So please join us as the earth contends in prayer and worship with Heavens expectation for a deeper revealing of God's love in everyones heart!

Below is a quick excerpt from my dear friend & Messianic Rabbi Mathew Toller about the significance of this Celebration:

The 2 days is a tradition for the Diaspora.  In Israel it is only one day.  The first day should be the one.  If you want to be in alignment with when the Holy Spirit fell that would have been between 9AM-915 AM when the temple liturgy was finished.  The day has a lot of significance.  It is when God met Israel at Mt Sinai, when he gave us His torah on Stone, and when He first spoke to a whole people group.  There is a wave offering of the wheat and barley baked in bread.  Where as Passover leaven represents sin, Shavuot represents the fullness and faithfulness of God.  It is of course when the Holy Spirit fell and entered the temples of flesh correcting Israel's stance of having Moses be the mediator and now we directly commune with Him.  It is the official start of the summer and the big work of the harvest, the first fruits have come now time to tend the harvest and harvest away.  It is the first major holiday, which signified the One New Man, the New Covenant of writing His Torah upon our Hearts, the fulfillment of us becoming the House of God as people, the empowerment to Testify of Yehua.

Looking forward to more of God's love in your lives. 

Love you all more than you know,