24 Hour Burns really do light places on fire...

Last night we concluded our Feast of Flames celebration as we Prayed & Worshipped for 24 hours, contending for a greater measure of God’s spirit. From 7 different locations around the Earth, we contended in unity, lifting up a fragrance of God’s Name. For Haiti, we not only involved the YWAM Base, but we included the tent cities with the different teams living with the communities. From Timonette, Perisse, and the Clinic tent cities, the outreach teams burned with us in prayer & worship all across the city of St. Marc, Haiti.

As we began our 24 hours, a revelation hit us that St.Marc’s National Flag day happened to land on the same day as our 24 hour Burn. On the Haitian flag, under the coat of arms states “L'Union Fait La Force”which means “Unity Makes Strength”. We didn’t find it a coincidence that all over the Earth we were unifying to plow in the spirit on this day. Hour by hour, people had signed up to minister to God, pray, and contend for what ultimately was our desire for Global Revival. The last two hours of our Burn was awesome as we set up the outside arena for a campus wide worship set. 10 minutes before my last set, it began to pour heavy rain, but it didn’t stop us from worshipping. So as the rain surrounded us like a wall of waterfalls, we shouted out a cry for more into the night sky of Haiti.

The night ended with power as one girl received the gifts of tongues on her own, something she has asked for, ever since she was little girl. One student from the YWAM Brazil had major pain in his foot and could barely walk. He asked me if there was a doctor who he could see on campus – so I replied “sure.. there’s Jesus”. I laid hands on his foot, prayed healing, and right then and there his foot was completely healed as he began stomping his foot in disbelief. The night ultimately ended in ministry as we prayed for one another for a greater measure of His spirit. We prayed that God would let us experience Him in new and deeper ways, to prepare us for the Revival that is soon to come. Hearts were healed, dreams were reignited and God’s Love was poured out over whole families.

As this was going on, unbeknownst to us, God was moving mightily in other locations. In Timonette, in the middle of their set the YWAM Costa Rica team felt they needed to swing over to a nearby village called Balague’. The team leader, Rayme, had mentioned that God was prompting her to go even before we began the 24 hours. When they entered the village, they gathered the whole community, prayed for them all , preached the gospel, and half of the whole village accepted the Lord! Not only that, but they all got baptized on the spot! One man was shattered in tears as He was the only one in his whole family who hadn't accepted the Lord until last night. That same team two days before preached the Gospel in Timonette. As the word of the Lord was being preached, heavy rain began to fall but 14 of them were undone and couldn't stop listening. In the pouring rain, our dear brother Jose' finished preaching and all 14 who stayed in the rain accepted the Lord. Instantly we felt this was fruit from the last 24 Hour burn we sowed in the Spirit a couple weeks back. The testimonies are continuing to roll in as God once again has revealed the power of Worship & Prayer. If only a small pocket of missionaries can pray Heaven down, how much more if the the church of a Nation was to rise up - the possibilities are endless. 

There is no formula to God’s ways, but one thing we know is that Worship enthrones Him over any area. Its happened in Hawaii, its happened on the streets of the Ivy League Universities, and without a doubt it's happening in Haiti. God is on the move and nothing can stop His love.

The culture of worship & prayer is growing in St.Marc one soul at a time, and you all are part of it. Please continue to lift up this nation. The more damage we do to Satan’s plans, the more He attacks us, so please pray for immense protection and greater authority.

Pray that the song of Haiti rises out of the darkness.

Love you all more than you know,