Home Sweet Home


Hello Everyone!

Yes, I am alive & well, and in the sweet confines of my own sweet home in Virginia. Pardon my absence as I had gotten pummeled with a parasite that left me feeling like a train wreck my last week in Haiti. The irony of me not once getting sick (with a history of eating Haitian street food all the time) hit me as I was immobile my final week. It’s almost a fear people have, making sure not to eat the street food – but oddly I had the grace to eat it all the time with no fear and no consequences. Apparently my grace ran out hahah! Regardless, this weekend before leaving I started taking super antibiotics and traveled safely and am feeling much better. 

It's hard to believe just yesterday I was walking on the dirt roads of St.Marc, walking past women and children begging for “one dollah”, the smell of fried foods & trash, and the cheap houses made of scrap metal. And now, here I am in my comfy living room, having already lost count of how many times I’ve thanked the Lord for the smallest of things (i.e. hot showers, Kimchi etc). Regardless, as the culture shock is seeping in, I find myself needing to get ready for the next season that the Lord has in store. There’s a lot of plowing that all of us will need to do for what’s ahead of us. 

As I began to unwind my roles and prepare exit strategies, I confess my main concerns were naturally the Prayer Room. But there’s a reality behind all my worrying that gave me a comfort that demanded greater faith: It’s not anyone’s prayer room, but God’s.  God has always been the acting agent behind all the great times of worship, all the revelations of intimacy and prayer, and He will continue to be so. Up to my final week, the testimonies of God continued to roll in giving me such assurance. This past Tuesday, our brothel ministry gave an update stating that the pimp reported TEN girls left the brothel all last week, dropping their lives of prostitution. Not only did the girls leave, but customers have been so low that “Disco Nights” they’ve historically run have had to be shut down. God was reminding me, that the House of Prayer is His and He will continue to nurture us to be Walking Houses of Prayer to witness the stirrings of Revival. The power of worship & intercession is evident and the testimonies of God are nowhere near finished.

And that is why behind the scenes, we have been praying and working hard on sending one of our Haitian Staff members, Philipson Georges, to Fire & Fragrance Phase 2 in Hawaii. By the grace of God, he was approved by the leadership to be released to attend this school. What better way to change Haiti than by sending one of their own, to be lit on fire for the Lord, and then be released back into His nation? I truly believe that the first fruits of this house of prayer, is my dear brother Philipson attending this school. We are currently in the midst of attaining a Visa and already have run into some trouble. But through prayer we know all things are possible.

I ask that you please walk with me in the following ways:

  • Please pray for my time of rest at home with my parents to be restful and full of God
  • Please pray for Philipson Georges Visa process – The earliest he can get an interview is as of August and we need one in June. We are praying he can receive favor from the U.S. Consulate so that he can get squeezed in. Philipson also has zero funds, so please pray for finances to come in
  • Please pray for my future team that I will lead back to Haiti. I pray God sends me the revivalists, worship leaders and intercessors to help change this nation into a firmer foundation. The last thing Haiti needs is temporary help but eternal help.
  • Please pray for finances for myself. My financial goal is $1500 a month for the journey that God has set before us, so please walk with me in prayer for God’s provision.
  • And as always, please pray for my parents and their spiritual/physical health.


I hope to see as many of you while I’m home before I leave for Kona, Hawaii on June 15th for Staff Training. Thank you to everyone who has been walking with me prayerfully and financially. I wouldn’t be where I am without you all.


Love you all more than you know,