Heaven Rain Down Pt. II

This weekend was amazing as the campus burned for the Lord in intercession & worship from 10AM Saturday to 10AM Sunday. For the first 12 hours, we worshipped and prayed at the Clinic Tent cities with the last 12 hours being held at the Campus House of Prayer. The first 12 hours were unprecedented as we literally broke the ground in intercession & worship for the first time ever on the history of that land. Never in History has that property been soaked in worship & praise for 12 hours straight as we contended for the presence of God. The earthquake victims rolled in with the children sitting and resting in His presence. It was history in the making as we broke through language barriers through worship and song, bridging God’s heart with theirs through the power of Praise in Jesus name.

When 10PM hit, I started the next 12 hour burn by leading worship in the House of Prayer. It was so encouraging seeing people pour in from the base to lift of His name and worship and intercede together. Right now on base, over 7 different YWAM Bases are being represented all with a heart to change this nation. By today, 200+ people will be on base. To me that means 200+ Temples of the Holy Spirit are on base to breathe worship & intercession to contend for revival rain to fall heavy in Haiti. The best part? Is that they have ALL been called for a such a time as this. They’ve been called to impart every moment of high praise and revelation of Jesus in their lives unto the future leaders of this Nation (Haitian DTS Students); to lift up praise and enthrone God to this nation when they need it the most; to pour into the very foundations of more houses of prayer being planted in Haiti; and to help labor physically to all that God is doing with YWAM Haiti in rebuilding the nation beyond mere relief.

As the 24 hour burn was coming to a close, I admit that it was exhausting and tiresome. Some of the BURN 24-7 crew stayed up for the full 24 hours! Others had stayed up till the break of dawn, contending for God’s presence. As we prayed our final prayers, I prayed for the revival rain to fall heavy on this nation, to make the desert places into lush forests with Isaiah 41 in mind:

18"I will open rivers on the bare heights

And springs in the midst of the valleys;

I will make the wilderness a pool of water

And the dry land fountains of water.

19"I will put the cedar in the wilderness,

The acacia and the myrtle and the olive tree;

I will place the juniper in the desert

Together with the box tree and the cypress,

20That they may see and recognize,

And consider and gain insight as well,

That the hand of the LORD has done this,

And the Holy One of Israel has created it.

Then around 6:00PM when Sunday Worship was about to begin, it began to pour so heavy Sunday worship was cancelled. I was caught stuck outside in the arena while setting up sound equipment, covering as much electronics as I could. The wind was blowing all the rain pouring off the side of the roof unto us under the roof. Within 15 minutes the streets were flooding, with Haitians banging on our gates to open it up to stop the flooding on their side of the gate. And as the waters started pouring into our base, I sat on the bleachers in complete laughter thinking that God had a sense of humor with Revival Rain. As the campus rushed to protect tents and their personal goods, we gathered people around 7:30 in the cafeteria to just worship and keep peace in all the commotion of 200 people. The moment I struck the first note, the spirit God fell as we all worshipped in praise. In leading worship, there is no greater joy that to hear the echos of voices over taking your own, and just sitting back and letting the people lead their own worship. God brought high praise into our hearts, and then it turned into a two hour Holy Ghost Party. People were hit with the joy of the Lord, people were getting prophesied over, people were getting healed and God literally brought a night of Revival Rain unto our campus. God was prophetically declaring the hope and possibility of what can happen to a nation outside our gates when Haitians catch the fire of His Presence. Once again God was tangibly showing us that HE DOES ENTHRONE HIMSELF ON THE PRAISES OF HIS PEOPLE!

What happens when we contend and burn for God’s presence? HE SHOWS UP.

Now we’re in the works of having 24 hour burns at least once a month and hopefully in due time open this up to the pastors of this city unto whatever God wants to do. The possibilities are endless and God’s power is eternal, so walk with us in prayer to help drive this forward.

Ok, I have to go now. We just started having a “Prayer Room” work duty for students to labor in the spirit 4 hours at a time. Pray that the spirit of intercession falls on this campus to every individual!

Love you all more than you know,