Sowing in the Spirit


This week has been great as we have been continuing to run full speed with over 22 nations being represented on this campus. From Brazil, The Americas, Israel, to South Korea, God has called us all to be temples of the Holy Spirit to declare God’s Love. We’ve been continuing to work on building permanent homes, and reaching out, while trying to rebuild the campus spiritually and physically. To be honest, we are growing in numbers and projects much faster than we can control. More and more people come, and the demand of what God is throwing us into is not being met. In one sense, its hard, but in another, us not having a full grip only means God has more control. I just wanted to post up some prayer requests to tap you all closer into the grind of our campus. So please warfare in the spirit in the following ways:

  • Physical Health – Lately people have been getting sick but this bullet is more of a testimony than a prayer request. Might as well start with a testimony of Prayer and worship.  Just today 5 people were all sick with the same symptoms as we started to narrow down symptoms. I went out to do what I only know how to do which was to worship and declare healing over this campus through song. My dear brother had a high fever when I left. So I went under a tree and worshipped God and asked for healing for a couple hours outside. The moment I ended, our clinical assistant ran to me saying that the high fever just disappeared to 98 degrees. I prayed that all 5 people would be healed before dinner so they could eat, and guess what? All FIVE were significantly feeling better and eating. I asked one of the other girls about when her fever went down, and it was the same time when I ended worship. THE POWER OF WORSHIP is undeniable. Please pray that God continues to protect us physically!
  • Leadership – With the leadership running at full speed, not only do they need physical rest, but spiritual rest as well. Please pray that God opens opportunities for them to find longer and restful times in the presence of the Lord. Please pray that God never stops declaring inner healing, life, and restoration on top of what God has already done in these warriors. It is only by God’s grace and mercy that they’ve come so far, and only by His grace and mercy can they continue to run harder to meet the vision that God is giving them. Everyday is a battle in this never ending race to rebuild Haiti, and only through God’s redemptive power and intimacy can they be launched powerfully. Thank you to Terry Snow and the St.Marc leadership for their supernatural abilities to run this operation
  • Unity  – With 220+ people on base, we are literally trying to run with 8+ other bases coming under the YWAM Haiti umbrella. One can only imagine how crazy it is to have different levels of leadership be meshed within days. Please pray for unity and that everyone’s hearts are in line with Heaven’s hopes and expectations. Please pray that communication is always clear and that the foundation of everything we do is LOVE.
  • Brothel Ministry – With this ministry that birthed the same week of the prayer room launch, God has been pouring in Love in ways these women have never seen. Women have already expressed their desire to leave this lifestyle and start anew. The outreach team that was primarily leading this ministry will be leaving soon, so please pray that someone steps up to continue this ministry. This is an open door we can’t let close, so please pray that the Lord sends His laborer’s.
  • Prison Ministry -  Every week our base visits the St.Marc prison to minister and love on those who need love the most. In a small cell has a max occupancy of 3-4 people, 9-10 prisoners are stuck in these cells. Some cells are bigger than others, but the unlivable ratio is still implemented. Please pray that the prisoners encounter the power of God and become enamored by His Love.
  • Tent Cities – With DTS Outreaches having one week stints at the tent cities, people are getting fed the word of God and being ministered to on a daily basis. With each of these communities growing organically, some are growing positively more than others. Please pray that God uses these DTS teams mightily through the ESL classes, Vacation Bible School for the children, and the preaching of God’s Word. As the outreach teams are building physical infrastructure from water systems to security walls, please pray that the spiritual fortress’ they are building become a greater measure of impact that what they are building in the natural. Testimonies of salvations and rededications are rolling in week by week, so please pray that God seals the work being done.
  • DTS Students – The Haitian DTS students have been going through an emotional rollercoaster as one students father passed away last week with another’s grandfather passing just two days ago. Dienack’s father was a Voodoo witch doctor that always spoke over his life and to the family that Dienack would be the heir after his death. But by God’s grace, Dienack denied and renounced the generational responsibilities with all his brothers and sisters becoming believers. Please pray for emotional strength and a binding of any generational curses. Mystere is now visiting home to be with his family to mourn for His grandfather. Please pray for strength and the spirit of God’s peace to be over him at this time.
  • Liberty Academy – the elementary to high school level academy is the YWAM campuses way to reach out to the younger generation of St.Marc. In providing a solid education to these students, a demand for teachers are increasing as the registration for students are increasing. Please pray for teachers to serve the academy. A principal is needed with teachers as well. Please also pray for finances, for most of the families are too poor to pay for the tuition. 
  • Prayer Room – The prayer room every week is growing as people are growing, and the beauty of it all is that people are loving it. With the “Prayer Room work duty" just implemented this week, testimonies of revelations of prayer, intimacy, and prophetic words have been hitting my ears continuously. Every morning with a new group, I have been giving just a 10 minute lesson on prayer to launch them. And each time, every group has catapulted into prayer filling all 4 hours. God is not only teaching the Haitians prayer and worship, but people who are coming through this campus. GOD IS GOOD. Please pray that God blows up the prayer room into even greater measure. Please pray that God sends his worshippers and intercessors to this nation to plow in the spirit for Haiti. Pray that God raises up a King David generation - leaders that will prioritize God's Presence for Kingdom Expansion. 

This was a bit long, but I wanted to give as much detail for those who have been laboring with me in the Spirit. God is running full speed, and its an honor for God to use us in this way. The Prayer Room is holding up because of the prayers being prayed over this nation by you all.

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come”. Amen.

Love you all more than you know

Jasen Chung