Hello. Live. Love. Pack. Farewell. Repeat.


Here we go again. Clothes? Check. Bible? Check. Passport? Check. My two-week stay in my hometown passed in a blink of an eye. The all too familiar routine of packing and saying my farewells has come again. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to meet everyone that I wanted to, not even my own family – so I apologize from the bottom of my heart to all my family & supporters in advance. The lord spoke clearly that’s a demand I’ll need to learn how to meet, if I want to move at the pace God desires. Regardless, already in less than 3 hours I’ll be off to travel to the other side of the Earth. Nervous? Some would think I’m used to this, but to the contrary I’m very nervous.

 With what God has already done through your prayers and support, He’s taking us on a new rollercoaster ride for the Nation of Haiti. The decision to go back to Hawaii to create a team for Haiti I know is God’s heart and voice. Why? Because the idea is too crazy for me to think of myself. Personally, for me to lead a team is crazy enough - let alone lead personal lives into another nation. I guess you can say I’ve always been the distant leader, but it seems God’s going to teach me how to love and lead in a deeper way (so I apologize in advance to my future students for the mistakes I know will happen hahah). Nonetheless, God has been speaking to me already of what He desires for us to do in Haiti. In faith I believe the House of Prayer in St.Marc was merely a glimpse of what’s possible. From pushing citywide transformation to planting more Houses of Prayer, God has been hinting me the vision for our outreach. Only time will tell as God fills in the details through not only myself, but also my future team.

As I mentioned before in my last post, we are on a mission to send one of our own Haitian brother Philipson Georges to attend Fire & Fragrance to be on my team. To give an update, the U.S. Consulate miraculously gave him an appointment but he failed to receive a visa.  Due to no proof of financial support and an official government endorsement, they denied him a visa. Fortunately, there is hope because we have absolute faith that God’s hand is on this. If he can show proof of financial support and receive an endorsement, he can receive another appointment. The power of sending one of Haiti’s future leaders to train and return burning for the Lord is better than sending four teams to Haiti. With less than three weeks before our school, I ask that you please pray and ask the Lord if you are to walk with Philipson financially in our goal to raise $5000. For more information please contact me at - time is of the essence!

Once again, I love all of you and can’t wait to see where God takes us. Your encouragements, prayers, and support have kept my head up through all the craziness. I can’t say enough that I wouldn’t be where I am without all of you. I have tons of pictures from Haiti that I plan to post up but in the meantime enjoy the video update from Haiti below!

Love you all more than you know,



Writer: Jasen Chung

Director/Editor: Kristian Snow