Since my first step off the plane in Kona, Hawaii, my life here has been surreal and full of anticipation. Seeing faces I haven’t seen in almost a year, and being in the very place that God transformed my heart anew – it’s more than one can handle. I look over to the café, and I remember the first time meeting my new team, sharing our life testimonies & “what animal I’d be and why’s” – a bond that led to an unparalleled time in the Ivy League Universities. Then there’s the prayer room, where time and time again God broke me, molded me and taught me the power and gift of worship & intercession. And how can I forget my first class room, where I was taught under world changers who filled my heart with a hope I had never tasted. But now, here I am, after a season in Israel, The North East of America, and Haiti – no longer who I used to be, no longer a student, but called to lead a team back into the Nation of Haiti.

In less than two weeks, The Fire & Fragrance: School of Revival and Reformation will be in full launch. Students from all over the Earth are preparing their hearts to dive deep into what God has in store for His Bride. With our heart to bring change to any injustice and area of darkness, we know that the Fire of Intercession & Worship is the key to unlock God’s plans, to replace Man’s. After sharing testimonies with other missionaries about Haiti, and hearing other stories about Afghanistan & Nigeria - it is an understatement to declare that REVIVAL IS THE ONLY OPTION on this Earth.

As the world turns with “business as usual”, in Afghanistan, Christian converts are risking their lives for just believing in the Living God as a nation wide “hunt & kill” for Christians began recently. In Nigeria, high-ranking militants of this corrupted nation are turning to the Lord – people who once were immersed in mass murder & death are now being immersed by the presence of God through DTS. Armed cars chauffer the ex-militants to the bases as they risk their lives to know the Lord deeper. In Haiti, God has been continuing to reveal his faithfulness as the House of Prayer has been running full force. Testimonies of the Haitian DTS students being hit by the Spirit of God have landed on my ears week after week. This speaks volumes of Hope because the House of Prayer has always been for the sake of the Haitians and the Haitians alone – and they’re catching it. They are not merely conforming to religion, but being consumed by the tangible all consuming presence of God. God is building up the future leaders of these nations and it is our honor to be a part of this.

And as you know, behind the scenes we have been diligently working to have my dear brother Philipson, a Haitian, to attend this training. Our financial goal of $5000 was met within ONE WEEK! PLUS MORE! Now our only goal is to have favor from the U.S. Consulate to receive a Visa for this school. PLEASE CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR GOD’s FAVOR FOR A VISA!

Philipson and Me

With that said, I humbly ask you walk with me in the following ways:

  • Leadership – This is my first season being a staff member and leading a team, so please pray that I have the wisdom and knowledge of God and not man direct me in all things. Please pray that the fear of the Lord and Intimacy be my guide, and nothing else.
  • Future Team – With students still signing up for our school, I know God has in mind the perfect individuals to walk with us in this Journey for Haiti. Please pray for a team of fired up intercessors, worshippers and evangelists to leave a crack in Haiti for His Glory. 
  • Finances –I humbly ask you prayerfully consider walking with me on the next chapter of this journey financially. A monthly donation of $1 or $2 a day will help us reach the Nations together. For more information please click here:

There’s so much to look forward to, and I can’t express enough how important you all are in this adventure. So once again, thank you for being part of the community behind me. 

Let’s do this!

Love yall more than you know,


P.S.  - here are some pictures of a food distribution project to one of the poorest villages in Haiti: La Grange. 

And the King will answer them, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.' - Matthew 25:40