Confessions of a Missionary

I have a confession:  On this path of being a Missionary, it’s easy to hide behind the glamour of being on the “front lines”.

 There are moments I’ve had on this road where I’ve caught myself gauging my life based on the status of being a missionary, rather than my heart, that may have been far from it at times. How easy it is to hide behind the banner of YWAM or the plethora of miraculous testimonies we’ve witnessed as a generation. From hearing about the dead being raised in Mozambique, to Extremist Muslim Clergyman encountering Jesus through dreams, or even closer to home - seeing miraculous healings downtown on Ali’i drive – it’s easy to be saturated by the glamour of God’s hand, yet totally miss His heart.  Just yesterday on campus, we held a globally televised celebration of Keith Green’s death, who died 28 years ago on the 28th of June at the age of 28. He was an extremely anointed child prodigy recognized by the Rock & Roll recording industry at the age of 12. But more over, he was a radical worship leader who used his influence to carry the sound of God’s heart for missions to sweep the Earth. Unfortunately in 1982, just when he began a 200+ city tour with Loren Cunningham to carry this message across America, he passed away in a fatal plane crash with his two beautiful children. Toward the end of the celebration, our founder Loren Cunningham stood up and asked the same question he trumpeted 28 years ago on this tour -  a question I’ve probably made assumptions about many times in my life:

“Are you willing to go anywhere, do anything, for the Lord at all costs?”

With all spiritual pride aside, my Christian resume’ flashed before my eyes: Yes, I gave up my one way track of the stable American Dream. Yes, I left my family, friends, & ministries. And Yes, I’ve partaken in reaching the Lost and the broken in the ends of the Earth ….. but for some reason, the question still remained unanswered -  is my heart willing to go anywhere, do anything, at all costs?.....

And in an instant, the Lord spoke loud and clear:  No act of human service, sacrifice, or status will ever be the gauge for the Heart of a Man – but only ones ability to say Yes & Amen continually. From the glory of worldly sacrifice, the glamorous ranks as a missionary or ministry leader, to the bliss of humanitarian aid or giving large donations – anyone can hide behind their accolades of service to the Lord, and yet not answer the question aiming at our hearts. God wants our Hearts, and He wants it all, so that He can give His all for our lives. Even the faith that he gives us to be obedient, will never be measured by what we’ve done for him, but rather how many times we’ve said Yes & Amen to Him and will continue to do so. Even in the midst of being obedient, it’s the ability to look forward, count everything as loss and still say yes that gauges the heart of man. Yes & Amen when being called, Yes & Amen when facing the storms, to Yes & Amen when the battles are won – until the call on our lives are over.

 And as our School of Revival & Reformation answers the call to reach the Nations, the resounding question has swept across all of our hearts again. By the grace of God, all eight new members of Team Haiti have answered Yes & Amen to pour our lives into this beautiful Nation. After hours of praying and meeting, God has hand selected this new family to trumpet the declaration of Intimacy into the building blocks of Haiti! As we continue with the school, we are eager to see how the Lord knits us together to bring eternal change beyond humanitarian relief to a disaster ridden Nation. Week after week, teachers from all over the world will be pouring into our lives as God realigns our hearts with His heart for the Nations. Already, God has begun to shift our hearts in preparation for the mighty ways He desires to use us in the Spiritual Realms. And as God prepares to further transform our hearts, we as a team will be preparing to answer again in full obedience: Yes & Amen. 

Say Hello to the new Family!

Love you all more than you know,