Beauty for Ashes


Back in 2008, a young group of prayer warriors from Washington D.C. heard from the Lord to stand in front of the Supreme Court for 5 months in 24/7 prayer, to contend for the Abolishment of Abortion. To many, they were seen as foolish Christians as they rotated hour-by-hour, standing in prayer with red tape across their mouths, declaring  LIFE in black ink. To the public eye, they were ignorantly seen as protestors. To tourists, they started to become a new landmark of the Supreme Court as they took pictures of them like tourist do. But to the silent ones standing in obedience, it was a prayer meeting to cry out to God and NOT MAN, who is above and beyond any Supreme Court Justice.

For five months, from May to October, through the rain, heat, humidity, and changing of the east coast seasons – they prayed to the God, the true righteous Judge for a release of His hand. One woman, stood for 34 hours straight as the Lord told her to contend for the 34 years that Abortion was legalized in America. Each hour she pleaded for each year, pleading the blood of Jesus over our Nation, asking God to release forgiveness: 



  “…God, redeem 1973 … forgive the sins of this Nation…” and the next hour “…God redeem 1974, release forgiveness over this Nation…

Little did they know that their obedience to stand foolishly literally shifted a Nation. After these 5 months, the national polls came out with a shocking headline stating that for the first time: America’s Majority was PRO-LIFE. The Gallup polls did a monthly analysis and it showed that the “unexplainable shift” began in May – the same month the Lord told them to begin praying. And when did the public opinion of America completely shift over? In October – the month they ended their 5 month Life Siege. Other national polls were in disbelief, until they ran their own analysis and the results were the same.

In 5 months, 16 million people in America changed their minds over the issue of abortion. When we contend in obedience to the Supreme Judge over all, God moves and answers as we agree with Heavens destiny. Just as slavery did not end overnight, it was the power of agreement with Heaven from Godly men such as William Wilburforce that ultimately led to its’ abolishment.

With that said, just last week, we received an invitation from Port Au Prince to partake in gathering the local churches for a day of prayer. I couldn’t help but dream with God on what was possible for Haiti. Loud and clear, I heard in my heart:

 “Can a Nation be changed in 200 hours? Can 200 years of curses be shifted into 200 years of Blessing?

We as a team believe the Lord is calling us to rally the churches for not only a day of prayer, but for a 200 hour Burn (8.3 days) of Worship & Intercession to redeem the 200 years Haiti was under the Boukman contract. Unbeknownst to many, Haiti was the first successful slave revolt that led to the establishment of a Sovereign Nation. It is known history from all the Haitians that a declarative contract was made with “the spirits” for freedom against the French involving pigs blood & sacrifices. (How do I know? I personally asked them) Since then the Nation has consistently seen spiritual and physical devastation with a notorious history of corrupt governments, coup revolts, and natural disasters. But our God is a God of redemption for those who cry out in His name. We envision the Church of Haiti crying out to God to redeem each year, for forgiveness and redemption into the spiritual realms.  Coincidentally enough, God is leading us into the nation during their Presidential Elections on November 28th 2010. What better way than to cry out for redemption to God leading into the most important Presidential Election in the Nations History? Starting on November 20th, we desire to lead the church to agree with God’s heart, cry out for Revival to redeem 200 years of curses, and to bring in a righteous President to lead this beautiful Nation. We envision orphans praying with us, and interceding for the very nation that orphaned them. We want to see prostitutes redeemed, tent cities radically revived , and a broken church unified. 

We are answering YES to co-labor with what God is doing with the Nation of Haiti and you all are part of it. Your prayers over my team, your financial support and moral support is what is carrying this plan as you stand behind us. Please pray for God to breath on this prayer meeting and for a nation to answer the call to pray as one unified body. What may seem foolish to the eyes of Man, will be seen as unstoppable and glorious to the eyes of God. When we cry out to God, He can’t help but answer. 


Love you all more than you know,