Faithful till the End ....

**Finances updated - 9/21 @ 4:58PM Hawaii Time

As the countdown to our departure begins, the rollercoaster of leadership is slowly climbing toward the apex of this three month outreach. There’s nothing more anticipative than your decision to take on a rollercoaster you know is too crazy for your own good. It’s the feeling of waiting in line as you slowly creep toward the front; you witness the roaring of the high-speed cart relentlessly dragging the screaming thrill-addicted civilians down the ungodly slope of tracks. This outreach seems to feel much like that, but the difference is that no ones ever ridden on this rollercoaster before.

In less than 5 days, we’ll be entering into the Nation of Haiti to declare that Jesus is the Only Solution. Over the course of these three months, the Lord has been unfolding a divine plan that is beyond comprehension. Every time the Lord releases a new facet of our outreach to me – I find myself constantly on my knees crying out:

“What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?”            

                                                                                                                             - Psalm 8:4

Just in the past 2 months, our team of 8 has evolved into a team of 18 as we have divinely been led to mold two outreach teams together into one. The Lord is entrusting us with a company of warriors to sow deep roots and to mobilize the Bride of Christ in Haiti. Just last week, I spoke with our contact for one of our pastors’ networks in Port Au Prince. He began to give me color to the 200 Hour Burn saying that we’re the first group he’s seen to mobilize the Church in this manner.  The pastors are traumatized, yet hungry for change & transformation. And by His grace, the Lord is choosing us to help them take a step toward fleshing out the yearning on these pastors’ hearts to see their Nation be enthroned by Jesus. This mobilization of the Haitian Church has never been done before in this manner. With 200 Hours of consistent worship & prayer from all over the Nation of Haiti, heaven will respond as we gather a Solemn Assembly of God’s children crying out together. Just recently I received emails from unknown prayer groups who have run across my blog committing to prayer for us. God is bringing in the intercessory warriors to cover us in protection only further echoing the cry of Psalms 8:4.

As we mobilize the church by networking with pastors, orphanages & other missions organizations, our team will also be preparing the ground through other ministries. Through week long training programs we will be sowing deep roots of love & discipleship by living with the Haitians in the tent cities. We will also be working with orphanages and any building projects to help meet the needs of ministries on the ground. God is leading us to sow into the spiritual & natural realms, using this company of warriors to infiltrate with God’s Love by Land, Air & Sea. God is continuing to show himself faithful as people have blessed us with about $14,700 in two weeks. To those who have sowed into this team financially, thank you for believing in what the Lord is leading us into. It is humbling enough to walk into such a mission, but to have you all believe in this God Vision anchors us unto our knees, confirming the Word of the Lord.

We can only see in part and feel the anticipation of what the Lord has been birthing in us. All we can do is hold on to Him for dear life as He takes us on this rollercoaster ride. From the first initial high-speed drop, to the next slow climb hill climb, we only want to be moved by the Spirit of God.

As we prepare our mind, bodies & spirits for this outreach, please cover us in prayer in the following ways:

  • Protection – With the fact that we are causing people to pray & leading people to know Jesus more -  we are literally asking the enemy to mark us. Please pray for spiritual, and physical protection not only for our team, but our families back home, and for those the Lord involves in this whole outreach. From pastors, missionary organizations to orphanages, we know that every person that we are led to is part of this strategy of God that the enemy will try to attack. Please pray for a clean bill of health from beginning to end as we are entering into Hurricane Season in Haiti.
  • Mini DTS’ - We will be organizing mini Discipleship Training Courses to bring discipleship into the tent cities. Please pray that the Lord gives us divine strategies and teachings for the Love of Christ & Identity to be imparted beyond the language barriers. These people are the future leaders of Haiti and a future testimony of God’s power of transformation.
  • Finances – Thank you for all those who have been praying for finances for this team and for those who have sowed into this team. Our immediate need is $4840 within 2-3 days. Please continue to contend for a release of finances, and pray if you should pass our cause to anyone who may want to partake in blessing the Nation of Haiti. To reiterate, this need is to get us on the ground and stay for three months. Another Project Budget will be released once we figure out our expenses for a venue, translators, travel etc. Our God is Jehovah Jireh – AMEN! To donate please contact me at - Unfortunately we have to manually track donations. Thanks for your cooperation. 
  • Unity – With 18 people on our team, please pray that our team is anchored in such a deep love for each other that it commands a blessing from the Lord. We desire worship, ministry, love & joy to be the very overflow of our team that no matter where we go, people are changed. We desire to bless everyone by living out John 13:35 – “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another”


Love you all more than you know