Grace's Amazing Hands ....

Def: Grace - |grās|- The power to do something you couldn’t do on your own.

Baby steps. In this walk of faith, it takes baby steps of faith to be obedient to an invisible God– yet when we posture ourselves to do the impossible – He shows Himself faithful. In the past two weeks the Lord has taught me that He is so faithful & committed to our highest destinies, that He’ll set Himself up to show up in our lives. No matter how weighty the pressures of life may seem, it’s through the lens of faith that we can capture a glimpse of God’s divine orchestration of "check mating" our hearts to see His pursuit after us. As I stand in LAX, I am humbled to announce that by the Grace of God, we have officially raised all $20,000. I can whole-heartedly say that each $1 that was raised came at divine moments where the Lord would again and again whisper to my faithless heart –

“It’s true Jasen, I AM faithful, and the Kingdom of God in Haiti is a reality..”

Being on our knees to pray the money in is foolishness to the world. But to the eyes of God, it’s a posturing to receive the Truth & Faith that He is our provider. From my loved ones, to the people who randomly ran across this blog in the U.S. - by the Spirit of God He has led us together to partner in this Journey for Haiti.

On behalf of our team, Thank You for praying with us and partnering with us financially to answer this Call of God in Haiti. We ask that you continue to pray for protection and favor as we release the Kingdom of Heaven in this Nation. For now, my little army and I will be continuing to squeeze in some sleep at our little camp that we set up @ gate 42. Will update as much as I can …..


Love you all more than you know, 





Two weeks ago, I prayed that God would provide the $20,000 before we enter Haiti .…. He did just that. Thank you Jesus for Your Grace & Faithfulness. Haiti ... here we come.