Many are Called, Few are Chosen

UPDATED 9/16/2010 @ 10:40AM - $14,077 Raised out of $20,000! Continue to pray and ask the Lord if you should partner with this VisioN!


Since the day I received the vision for the 200 Hour Burn for Haiti, we as a team have been laboring in prayer asking the Lord:  

“God breath on this if this is the desire of Your Heart, but let it fall to the wayside if it’s just a good human idea”.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in a good idea and run full force with our human zeal rather than the zeal of the Lord. Almost everyday, whether it was out of humility or insecurities, I laid the idea down only to see the Lord pick it back up and breath on it over and over again.

Through divine appointments, God has opened a clear door for us to spearhead this 200 Hour Burn to worship & pray to cry out for repentance and redemption of 200 years under the Voodoo blood contract. The 200 Hour Burn will start on November 20th and lead straight into the National Presidential Election of Haiti on November 28th. Already God has given us direct access to a Pastors Network of 150 churches in the Port Au Prince area who have a heart to pray and see this Nation changed.  This is not seen as a mere event, conference, or prayer meeting – it is an act of reinstating Jesus as the true governmental authority in the Spiritual Realms before the nation votes for the next President in the natural. We are humbly being handed a strategy to agree with God’s heart for a unity that moves His heart so much that He looks, rejoices, and commands all of creation to align to pour a blessing.

Psalm 133 says:

Behold How good and pleasant it is

When Brothers dwell in Unity!

It is like the precious oil on the head

Running down on the beard,

On the beard of Aaron.

Running down the collar of his robes!

It is like the dew of Hermon,

Which falls on the mountains of Zion

For there, the Lord has commanded the blessing

Life Forevermore

Slowly but surely, God is showing us that we’re not going on a mere outreach, but God has chosen us to help mobilize the Church in Haiti to Move God’s Heart. God is showing me that our plant of the St.Marc House of Prayer this past season was a mere shadow in mobilizing the Haitian Church to pray. As more details unfold, I will fill you all in! This has the potential to gather thousands under one roof in prayer, but only if the Lord desires. Our heart ultimately is to move God's heart, whether it's just 150 pastors, or 150 congregations. 

For this to happen we are asking our communities behind us to walk with us in the following ways.

  1. Prayer & Fasting - We need your spiritual coverings as we enter Haiti. We are literally marking ourselves as targets for Satan, for he hates it when anyone causes the Church to Pray and lean on the Lord. Please, Please cover my team in prayer & fasting from spiritual and physical harm. Entering a nation that has been under the influence of voodoo for 200 years demands protection. Please leave a comment on this post to let us know your commitment to walk with us in Prayer.
  2. Finances – In order for this 200 Hour burn to take place, we need your help to get on the ground to mobilize the Haitian Church. We need a total of $20,000 by September 20th to be there for 11 weeks. This budget is specifically for us to get to Haiti, Ground Fees, and Ministry Costs. There will be future Project Budget as we figure out the logistics of this 200 Hour Burn which will include a venue & extra travel expenses as I meet pastors and build relationships to make this happen with honor & love. God is breathing on the vision that He laid upon my heart, and it is my honor to invite you all to partner in declaring a monumental shift over the Nation of Haiti. I believe in Faith, God will provide the funds for this to happen for He has already opened the doors beyond measure. I humbly ask that you prayerfully consider sowing into this vision. Please contact me at to partner with us. 

God is on the move, and I can’t thank you enough for walking with me still.

Love you all more than you know!