A Path Not Taken ....

          OK. I’m just going to be candid, loose, and honest with this blog. For a week I’ve was working on another blog. But man, the more I write, the more I realize one paragraph could be a lengthy entry on its own. I’ll get those out once God solidifies those revelations in my heart.

          For simplicities sake, let’s just say God did an unprecedented amount of mayhem in my spirit & life in my last season in Haiti. As my dear comrade once put it I feel like God threw us into a mission way above our pay grade”. (Well said Daniel, well said.)

          God knows, that I gave my mind, body, and soul to His call to Haiti in 2010. And by God’s grace, I had the privilege to represent you all as a community behind me. But behind the scenes of the raw photos & blog entries, I took a lot of hits, and died many deaths to carry my cross daily through Haiti. We’ve had our victories, but until Jesus returns, satan will always wait for a “much more opportune time” to steal, kill & destroy. So to merely brush off the battle scars, and run to another mission would be offensive to the call to make the first commandment first in my life – to Love God.

         With that said, I am forced to admit that the Lord is handcrafting my heart and my missional experiences in a way no other’s empathy, or experiences can bring closure but Him. God with His bare hands has begun to dig cisterns into the soil of my heart. With every choice to die to myself and serve in Haiti, He broke deeper & deeper. Now, God is calling me, to fill those empty cisterns deep with His eternal living water, and nothing else. It’s as if the Lord is actually demanding me, to test whether or not His Love, is more than enough – even if He were to never use me again.

           I won’t be a student, won’t be an outreach leader, nor will I be heading a vision to plant or mobilize prayer. And for a person like myself, who loves to plan, build, & influence - it goes against almost everything that drives me and motivates me. He has checkmated my life to seek Him and Him alone in a manner I’ve never faced. And quite honestly, it’s tremendously nerve racking.  But with it, I know that the fruit we will bear together, and the spiritual integrity & authority of my journey ahead, will greater exalt God’s fame.

           On February 6th, 2011, I will be heading back to Kona, Hawaii to answer this challenging call. I will be continuing to walk my Fire & Fragrance family, and their heart to send disciples to all nations, declaring that revival is the only option. My heart & mission has not changed, but God is rearranging the pillars of my life in His way, and not mine.

I ask that you walk with me in the following ways:

  • Prayer – It is the authority and power of unified prayer that determines the victory of our adventures together. Not just mere anointing, great planning, or charisma, but the power of God’s children leaning on God’s power. I ask that you commit to pray for me whether it’s one a week, or once a day to cover me in the spiritual realms
  • Financially – As I walk with Fire & Fragrance, I will be raising funds to live in Kona, & to be able to freely minister in itinerant locations. Already next week I have been invited to minister & lead worship in Alaska. As the Lord leads, I foresee more opportunities to encourage & strengthen the Body of Christ. My financial Goal is to gather a team of 25 to donate $40/month. I ask that you walk with me as the Lord leads. Click Here for more information.

          Whether your support comes in prayer or finances, all I ask is for you obedience. Thank you for helping me trust the path that the Lord is leading me. It is because of you all that I can take large leaps of faith with my life, no matter what the world may say.

Love you all more than you know,